Tuesday, June 27, 2006

queer is quool

ha. is that even a word. so i just watched the 1st half of tonights new queer eye ep. i havent watched this show in a while. only tuned in tonight bc one of the joins fave chefs from school helped the cast make a tomato tart. after watching the first 30 secs of the ep, my ti li-ness went away and i was just so happy and entertained. then i remembered that june is gay pride month. well, all i have to say is gay guys rock. seriously, theyre my fave type of guys. hehe. but totally honestly, the funnest times i have is when im chillin with the boys. theyre honest and lovey and fun and funny and knowledgable and can totally complain about boys with you. yay for gays!

special mention:
madonna. countdown and countdown. get into the groove!


Blogger NYC Publicist said...

yay for gays! we rock!

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