Tuesday, April 11, 2006

ninja ninja rap!

a fun little quiz. the results are kinda eerily on point with me. so weird. and and and when i was 9 years old, my gymnastics team did a floor routine/dance to a ninja turtles song and what color was my ninja mask? purple. wow. like totally awesome dude!

Take the quiz:
Which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle are You?

You've been described as 'the brains' of your family or group of friends. You're the natural born, 'Mr. Fixit'. You're also considered the most reserved, preoccupied with your own little thoughts and ideas. But that doesn't mean you don't hang with your family and friends! But, you still find it easy to get lost in your own thoughts...daydreaming often. You'd rather talk things out than fight. You long for a day when there's nothing but peace in the world, and when you can finally rest with your own thoughts. Violence is something the world could completely live without. One of your labels may be, 'true to blue friend'. You're strong at heart and powerful at mind.

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