Sunday, April 09, 2006

always up or down, never down and out...

dream of demons while you sleep. that make you stutter when you speak. ive been so emo this weekend youd mistake me for a 14 year old girl with really bad greasy hair that posts blurry pics of herself on myspace.

i wont bore you with the details of my mini downward spiral (thats what jill r is for) but i will let you know that my great friends and siblings have helped me climb up and out of it.

special mention:

jamie - video and video. deal or no deal/rolling stone. lots to do before our vacation and vacation. friday and friday.

greys! nerve of abc to play a repeat. i need new sgh drama. stat!

melfur - wednesday night. post holiday sess. so so on!

chubby hubby. eddie man is actually a good guy and came through with my ben jerrys : )


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