Thursday, April 27, 2006

hot hot harold

with the lack of a new lost ep (adam, when a new finally does air, we must get together!), i didnt fret too long because bravo (bless that channel) was playing new eps of top chef. ok, so i havent really mentioned this show before but i have been watching it. its hard not to when the join is obsessed with the program. a fellow fci alum (lee anne) is kicking some major ass on the show. im rooting for her and my new crush, hot hot harold.

ok, last night i was just calling him hot harold but now the more i think about him, the more he deserves the extra hot in the front. yummy. his bravo bio says hes cocky mf-er but hes not. hes per-fect. hes the tops to me. the man can cook (hes made it to the last 4), hes hot, he admits his mistakes, hes hot, hes got a sense of humor, hes hot, he looks tre tall, hes hot. he even looks good with a little scruff on his face. ah. and he wears glasses too. very sexy. hot hot harold. top chef is a good show but hot hot harold is like the ace of top chef. lets just hope he doesnt get the boot like ace did. boo.


Blogger NYC Publicist said...

will lost ever be new dammit!!! when it does, i'm there right with you babe!

11:49 AM  

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