Monday, May 21, 2007

mchappy mcdream

ok ive said it before but i really mean it this time. im so happy i almost hate myself. seriously, ive recently said "ive become one of those people i used to hate... im in a couple" well i think its even worse now. yeah, im totally in the happy cutesy couple phase. whoa, right. and please, dont mcwake me from this mcdream. im so mchappy.

so the bf had his first official bf responsibility this weekend: accompanying me to my friend jords engagement party. it was his debut for my syo hos. the friends ive had since middle school but see about once a month, if that. even though i dont see or even talk to my syo hos, its always great to see them. catch up on some hometown gossip, but also think about where i am now and where im going.

its funny bc half of this group of girls is engaged and i really dont even have an ounce of jealousy towards any of them. sure im ridiculously happy in my ridiculously awesome relationship, but the thought of putting a wedding together right now, ugh. no thanks. its way too much work for a lazy girl like me. besides, im still in happy title-land and id like to enjoy my time here for a while.

there was a moment from the party thats been stuck in my head. lil miss krista ann was talking to me and the bf and said something like, "well cassie doesnt have an jewelry on" and i was like, "noooooo way are we even there yet" but then krista ann goes, "im not talking about the ring but other stuff would be nice" wink wink. im sure having a bf with money and getting expensive and jeweled gifts would be nice, but id rather be with someone that i like, regardless of whats in his wallet.

and thats when i knew it. the bf and i are totally happy scrappy hero pup. lately when ive been getting the "you look great" comments, theyre almost always followed by "you look really happy." so the feelings on the inside really do show on the outside. seeing as im so up, there couldnt possibly be any downs. but there are... well is. there is one that i can think of.

ive lost that non loving feeling. i know my strengths are my rants and lately i havent had anything to rant about... hence the lack of quality posts. im afraid my happiness will result in a loss of readers. yeah, all 3 of you. so if there arent any updates lately, just know that im mchappy in my mcdream. mmmmmhmmmmm, im mclovin it!

ps i need a new name for the bf. mcjewy? mcscrewy? mcfunny? mcyummy? may possibly end up as the sb... sugar bear.


Blogger I'm Not A Publicist said...


remember the gummi bears? i used to love them. he reminds me of one of the gummi bears.

"gummi bears! bouncing here and there and everywhere! high adventure that's beyond compare, they are the gummi bears! they are the gummi bears!"

10:58 AM  

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