Wednesday, May 09, 2007

family meal

(to the tune of i shot the sheriff) i met the family. and i didnt want to kill myself. ok fine. i met the bfs fam before but this was the first time we spent time together without a ballgame to distract us. went to dinner with the bfs fam to celebrate "mothers day tuesday" as his father described it. his 'rents are going away this weekend so they decided to celebrate the holiday before they flew off to anguilla. i wasnt too nervous about dinner bc i did meet them before and they all seemed laid back and cool but still, first meal. its a first. firsts are always... they make me anxious.

anyway, this dinner totally explained how my bf is and why and thats pretty awesome. the fam is cool and entertaining. my man is so much like his old man. his mom is totally how he described her, "typical jewish mom" but shes got cute quirks about her thats so adorable. a lot of humor in that fam. i loved watching the interactions he had with his older bro and how different they are from each other. on our way to the gelato store for dessert, his father randomly shouts out, who wants shirts. both my bf and his bro run into the store except seconds later i see my bf sprinting outta the place. "i wouldnt be caught dead wearing anything from that store." but his dad and bro stayed there a few more mins and came out with a shopping bag. hysterical. the bros gf is pretty cool. shes got spunk. thats awesome. boring chicks are the worst and that she is not.

so i thought the night would be family centric... around his fam. but it wasnt. after our lovely and very filling meal, the bf and i went back to his apt. we were just chillin on the couch (shocker!), watching tv (double shocker!), when i got a call from my brosef. he was having a mini hs drama dilemma. since the bf already met my brosef, he offered up his worldly man advice to him. the brosef ended up calling back twice but by the end of the night, the brosef said, "i feel much better about this and myself." i felt like we just had an impromptu jill r session. awesome. what was even more adorable was that the bf felt really good about helping my brosef out. he sees a lot of his old self in my brosef and knows he totally needs an older brother right now. this totally melted my heart. i wanted to sqeeze him and hug him just like elmira from tiny toons.

so the easy family meal is outta the way (and hopefully more will come in the future), but the hard one should be coming up. yeah, when he meets my fam. dun dun DUNH! im sure itll be more awkward than scary. well actually, awkward from my parents but scary from my sisters. le join re-met the bf last friday night at the aims bday party and she said hes a nice guy and would like to spend more time with him. dee and the 'rents are the last ones to meet him. yeah, i saved the scariest for last. i remember the first time the hpj met dee. i was in cali visiting both of them. i stayed at the hpjs the first night and we called dee to get directions to her place. he handed the phone back to me and goes, "your sister just yelled at me." yeah, that was the first time they had spoken. im keeping my fingers crossed for the bf.

special mention:
a mothers day tuesday moment.

the bfs bro got their mom mothers day scratch off lottery card.
their dad takes the card.
bfs dad: let me put on my glasses.
puts on glasses and begins reading.
bfs dad: scratch and see if any of your boxes match the symbol in the rewards box.
scratches all boxes.
bfs dad: aw honey, you didnt win. you couldve won a boot or diamond.
me: a boot? can i see the card?

looks at card. roaring laughter begins.
me: its bouquet not boot. its B-Q-U-T not B-O-O-T.
bfs mom: those glasses really worked, didnt they.


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