Tuesday, May 08, 2007

no dough diet

and no. im not talkin atkins. please. try and move the bread basket away from me and expect a knuckle sandwich in the face from la mama herself. im talkin the bein po' fo sho diet. when i finally buckled down and took care of my financial catastrophic status, i knew months and possibly even years of starvation were to follow. i was upset. i cried. it sucks to know that you cant go and grab some starbucks whenever you want. this summer wont be as jamba filled as i would like it to be. but its ok. why? bc i look fabulous.

now, im sure most of my glowing fabulosity is from my "honeymoon" phase endorphins. i really am truly duly happy. and the saying is true, if you feel happy inside, itll show on the outside. but when random people (and even my sister) say that ive lost weight, it makes me wonder, am i really losing some poundage? and if yes, how so? well, its common knowledge that to lose weight you gotta watch what you eat and up the exercise. the past few days, ive realized i have been doing this but almost subconsciously. dieting can be fun when you dont even realize youre doing it.

EAT - my food intake has decreased mucho but i believe its a combo of my po fo sho-ness and having the btj as my bf...fo real! po fo sho means no extravagant dinners or even simple take out lunches. word. plus, having no dough automatically turns your survival skills radar on. even if that includes socializing with others. so when i cant go out to lunch or even pack a lunch (usually due to the fact that im too lazy to make one but can also be bc theres nothing at home to pack) you gotta start scavenging. luckily, i work in an office where there are a lot of catered meetings. now, i used to only go to meetings that served meals. hey, gotta prioritize right? but then i realized, you can still get some grub, even if youre not a part of the meeting. leftovers are always shared with the rest of the floor. this is when the socializing comes in handy. i have allies on 3 floors. so 4 floors of free food covered. nice.

the bf helps with the food intake too. and no, im not one of those girls who cant eat in front of boys. please. when all my female classmates were just standing around bc they didnt wanna look like fatasses, i was waiting in front of the kitchen door so i could get first dibs on the appetizers. hey, at bar/bat mitzvahs, cocktail hour is when the choice eats roll out. so yeah, i still eat what i want, but i dont ever get to the im gonna burst full feeling. why? bc i share. and when i share with my bf, its usually 75:25, him:me. who needs the zone diet when ive got my bf.

EXERCISE - yeah yeah, i totally get in the obvious couple-y aerobic activity daily, maybe thats why the endorphins havent gone away, but i have been more active than i usually am. i give this credit to... my metro card. yeah, the metro card makes me walk extra blocks i wouldnt have to endure if i took cabs but since im a broke joker, it literally pains me to pay for cabs. the only time a cab is acceptable is if i am with a group of people and i am in heels. must be that combo only. oh yeah, and bad weather too. but the temps have been rising and since ive been lookin cute to boot, i dont mind the walkin. so yeah, the metro not only makes me walk, but climb too. damn stairs. but i figure not only is it aerobic, but the stairs can turn this into calesthenics too.

ive also realized, stairs are everywhere. subway stations. the lines that run two flights underground are killer. then again, its a small inconvenience for a cheap ride. ill take it. theres also the stairs to the bridge over the brooklyn battery tunnel thats behind my apt building. those arent so bad but its still a climb. last set of steps i endure daily are the ones to the bf apt. yeah man, 3 story walk up. i realized this weekend how used to the stairs i am. the brosef met the bf and nearly killed me for making him walk up the steps. too bad the bf will be moving next month. to where is still to be determined.

so virtually, i just have to keep on keepin on the way ive been keepin on to maintain my slim physique. who knew just livin can be such a great diet.

special mention:
jamie: its called fun.


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