Monday, July 02, 2007

livin in the 'burg - easy breezy

woo hoo! my man found an apt, and just in the nick of time. spent the weekend packing, moving, and unpacking so there really was no time to mourn leaving his awesome place in his terminally hip (former) 'hood. besides, i always say this and ill say it again: everything happens for a reason. even though there were a few minor bumps on the way (a tiny electrical outage during the move in, loss of a samurai sword) and the unpacking isnt completely done, we can totally tell his apt is going to come out pretty nicely with his (who knew he had so much shit) things, and his new 'hood quite resembles his old one (same amount of hipness and convenience). the lb is now a bk man. he moved to the 'burg.

i must admit, i did have a few worries when i heard he was looking outside of manhattan, especially when he mentioned the jerz. i even flat out told him that i wouldnt be able to stay over as much (aka everyday) bc i have a life and apt of my own. thankfully, everything has fallen into place. his new apt is practically as close as his last and is actually more convenient to get to.

the 'burg'in it list of easy breeziness:

1. subway. yeah theres a subway sandwich a block away from his place but im talkin mta subway. even though my own apt is in south bumblefuck (as the lb likes to call it) i still think its fantastic bc its got subways galore. westside, eastside, i can get anywhere without having to walk more than a block. ah, traveling to my babes apt in the winter will be no problemo. his apt is just down the block (not even a whole block!) from the train. less walking = happy cassie =)

2. convenience stores. bodegas. delis. no matter what you call them there still f-in awesome. walk out his building and step to the left, theres one or take a couple of steps to the right and theres another! although im gonna try to curb my late night snack attacks, its nice to know that they can be fulfilled whenever i please. im all about instant gratification.

3. hungry hungry hippos. mexican restaurant right below. bagel place a few doors down. i can probably throw rocks at a handfull of eateries from his window. plus, the lb has already found a good pizza place around the corner which is so key for any new yorker.

4. "the windows are the eyes of the apt." speaking of windows, his view is fantastic. if you cant be living there, might as well have a nice view of it. yeah man, you can see the nyc skyline from his window! chillin on his bed staring at the city is pretty stellar. ah, seeing it from his fire escape (or rooftop) on the 4th will be pretty cool too. good times ahead.

5. rocco and candice. word yo. chillin with these peeps are good times. heck, even just sitting back and watching them converse with each other is entertaining. and they are just a hop, skip, and a few blocks away. yay! candice and i can go shopping while the boys can do their vidiot thing. woo hoo!

there is a minor inconvenience that im not too happy about. the girls in the 'hood. sure, his old 'hood had silly hos on every corner but they were college hos aka walking stds. the 'burg is hip and is filled with hip chicks in their twenties, hip chicks with jobs, hip chicks that will most likely be eaten by my mans hungry eyes. as long as his head (the one below the shoulders) doesnt go near 'em, ill be ok. but he even (jokingly) mentioned that his new 'hood is giving me some competition and i warned him he does NOT want my scorpion stinger to come creeping out. the thing is, i dont want my scorpion stinger to come out. i hate how i am when i get jealous. its pretty nasty. im no fool and i know you cant control a mans eyes (and head), but if he ever acts upon his urges to go astray, the ho will be taken out in one swift quick move(shes not worth taking much time and effort) and the lb will become the t.e.d.b. (tortured and eventually dead bear). oh yeah, no man should ever mess with a scorpio but no person should ever mess with a chun. im basically a double threat. beware!

ba da da da daaaaa... we're 'burg-in it!

special mention:
kelly taylor: vegetable corsages are terminally hip and thats exactly how i want you to look, you know, just in case i win spring princess.

one of the best eps of 9-0: spring dance (doin' the best that i caaaan)


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