Monday, June 11, 2007


judgement day. pretty much describes yesterday. the long awaited bday bbq for dee but really, it was a "test" for my lb. sure, he already met the fam but this was the first time he'd be hanging out with all of them, together. needless to say, i was a bit nervous. not bc of him. the lb is awesome when it comes to social situations. i love that i can throw him in any sitch and know that he'll be a-ok. nah, i was more nervous about my fam. id like to think im the easiest person to deal with from my fam. definitely the easiest female (and no, you pervos, i dont mean easy like im a ho). i knew there was a good chance for some roadbumps in this journey but the lb handled it like a pro racecar driver. man, do i love this man.

challenge #1 - the car ride to li with dee
worries - i let my lb drive but dont get me wrong, i wasnt worried about his driving. i was worried about the backseat driving from dee. shes a person who likes to be in control. passengers dont have control.
results - a surprisingly nice drive. barely hit any traffic. sure, we had to stop short bc of an asshole driver on the lie but everyone arrived to the li house in one piece. besides, shooshoomon monshooshoo (aka beans) was so adorable with his head breezing out the window, who could get angry?

challenge #2 - the maj
worries - i love the maj but she is the family landmine. make a wrong step and kaBOOM! even though you think a spot doesnt have an explosive, youd be surprised. the oddest things just tick her off.
results - so our arrival wasnt met with open arms. the maj was peeved from the first second she saw gio. he hasnt been groomed in a while and she was pissed that his hair grew so long he could barely see. the answer, we dont have enough money, wasnt cutting it with her either. in the end though, my lb managed to crack her hard shell and... (just read the good moves section below).

challenge #3 - the faj
worries - so i get my easygoing-ness from the faj but he really didnt get a chance to know my lb from the last meeting. my awesome bf came to the house with ammo though. so thoughtful. so awesome.
results - i havent received an official word from the faj yet but when he told me last night that ive become a much happier funner person, i knew that he knew it was bc of my lb. love bear!

challenge #4 - le join
worries - not too many worries really bc shes met him before and hasnt said a mean thing about him (and this is le join so that is a HUGE thing - homegirl has something negative to say about everyone!) but it is le join. she is a bit bitter and a lot angry. cant predict what will come out of her mouth.
results - thankfully the negative stuff spewing out of her trap was NOT about my bf. woo hoo! plus, he laughed at what she was saying so i think that earned him bonus points.

now, this fun day wasnt all bc of luck. my man came prepared. he made some choice moves that even melted the majs cold heart. now thats talent!

good move #1 - "im a man, of course i know how to bbq!"
the maj was pretty unpleasant for most of the afternoon bc of gios non-grooming. (landmine!) so when it was coming close to dinnertime, i was wondering why the bbq grill hasnt been started. the maj was waiting for the faj and brian to come home from work. well those two arent the only men who know how to work a grill. the lb can bbq too. and he did! seeing the majs eyes light up when i told her lb can start the grill made my eyes light up. ahhh, the cracking has begun.

good move #2 - plaaaaaaay ball!
my intuitive man remembered the convo he had with the faj when they first met. they talked... baseball (shocker!). the faj told lb he used to play first base and whatdya know. the lb had a 1st baseman glove along with his own "baby" (catchers mitt). so he brought both over with a ball so he can play catch with the faj. well the gloves got more use than expected bc the lb also threw the ball around with my brosef rich and brian. its amazing how excited a man can get just by mentioning throwing a ball around. whatever. it worked.

good move #3 - sing sing karaoke
ok, so i warned the lb about the karaoke-ness that goes on in my house. he knew he was gonna have to sing one way or another. much to my surprise, while my lb was singing, i saw the maj get up from her chair and start clapping along. yes! the melting process has begun. we actually got the whole fam singing. thats actually a first. whoa nelly. i think i got a good one.

surprisingly, there was a special mention player to this day and it is very surprising: it was brian! the lb pulled me aside and told me brian gave him a tip about korean culture: when pouring a beverage for an elder (the faj) you must use both hands. thanks brian! you can fill the lb in on the spots i miss. my brosef was chill as usual but extremely exhausted as he had just gotten back from his prom weekend (and just 2 hours of sleep).

so j-day was a-ok. food - good. people - funny. times - fun.

special mention:
jamie: do you have any seating positions available?
pondering on leaving her teaching job.


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