Wednesday, July 25, 2007

love goggles

the past two weeks, ive been playing the role of mediator between dee and bri. i know from personal experiences that dee isnt the easiest person to deal with but i also know that bri can do things to make life easier (ive become a pro at the dee landmine game). its been strange though, bc ive seen a few relationships around me go through some rocky times while im in happy happy couple-land. then dee told me that the faj said i totally have love goggles on. anything and everything the lb does looks fantastic from my eyes... bc of the love goggles.

i thought that was so silly until the past two days. my man has been illin in a kinda embarassing way, and well, it didnt phase me. not one bit. the lb said i am one cool ass chica for dealing with him. ah. i guess it is love. its the love goggles. but you know what, i really dont care. ive realized that im embracing all the teasing from my friends and family bc i finally got what ive always wanted and thats to be in love. of course, im doing love my way. without the nauseating baby talk and googly googly eyes.

remember my faith in fate? well fate f-in rocks! the more i look back on how things happened, the more i realize that they happened for good reason. im no risk taker. please. i cant even bring myself to the 50 cent slot machines. this relationship though, giving the lb the ultimatum, was a risk yes, but not a huge one. why? bc i knew he liked me. the only risk was, did he like his independence more. im glad i trumped the independence... and i bet he is too... well he better be!

im gonna enjoy my time with the love goggles. i know this honeymoon period isnt gonna last forever. there will come a time when little things will start to annoy me about him and vice versa. i may have these goggles on but theyre not foggy. im no fool. actually, i think im on my second set of love goggles. the first set got me mad whenever someone would say something even slightly negative about my man. it felt like they were attacking me and not him. now whenever someone teases my man, i laugh along bc i see that persons pov yet i dont care that my man is the way he is, bc i love him. hehe. hence the second set of love goggles.

who knows how many more sets of goggles ill be wearing in the future. im hoping my eyes wont need 'em as times passes by. even so, im gonna enjoy my time now. as they say in hairspray: without love, life is like the seasons with no summer. without love, lifes like rock n roll with no drummer... [baby] never set me free. no no noooooo.

special mention:
brenda walsh: brandon, she is bothered to the extreme. i wouldnt be surprised if she was a hard core stoner.

talking about emily valentine, the float ep


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