Tuesday, April 03, 2007

what spring brings

although my cruise wasnt the ideal vacation i had hoped for it did make me yearn for the warmer seasons that much more. yeah, partly bc i love how i look when my skin is sunkissed but mostly bc of the clothes. true, i love wearing boots. theyre like the "as comfy as heels are gonna get" shoes and makes me look and feel fantab. however, you can only do jeans and sweaters for so long. and yeah, this year more than ever, the short skirt and boots combo were acceptable but every time i pulled off that look (and even though i know i looked super hot) i still had that "im a dirty tramp" feeling. did i like it? hmmmmm, kinda sorta.

but im ready. ready for skirts again. ready to wear 'em and still feel like a lady... during work days. im more excited about the cute skirts to wear on the weekends. check out my 'hood, walk by the water, check out the eye candy, be the eye candy. i try not to make my life like a fashion show. i like to think i wear things bc i feel good in them. not bc its the hot new trend (#1 reason why i did not fall into the leggings fad, well that and the fear of having camel toe). however when the weather gets warmer, i feel like you notice people a lot more. maybe its bc theyre not covered in hats and scarves.

so the btj and i actually did something productive. we left his apt! we went shopping! and we was a walkin'. seriously felt like he couldnt walk a block without indulging in some eye candy. and notingly pointing it out to me. i took it in stride though. either bc im extremely stupid or extremely confident. then he asked why i wasnt participating in the eye candy game. truth is, i dont really notice my eye candy as much as guys do with theirs. i dont know if its bc theyre hornier, their standards are lower, theyre ALWAYS actively looking, who knows. but the thing is, when i do see some eye candy, i walk away disappointed half the time. not bc theyre monets (although that does happen occasionally) but bc theyre probably gay. funny how when a guy finds out a girls a lesbo, they get turned on even more but when a girl finds out a guy is gay she ends up feeling stupid.

whats gonna happen when the temps start rising? will i start using the loop hole thats holding me back from a silly title? will the btj and i start to get sick of each other and call it quits? will the btj realize what a fine ass woman i am or will his mother incessantly remind him that im not a jew (a la meryl streep in prime)? will i ever go to another yankee game in those kickass seats of his? things to ponder as the weather gets warmer.


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