Thursday, December 07, 2006

loopy faj

so le join had the lucky opportunity to escort the faj to the doctors office this morning. he was getting blood work and other fun tests done to make sure his health is in tip top shape. of course during the testing, the faj had to be medicated. faj on meds is funnier than anything youll ever catch on comedy central or any other hilarity source. since he would come out of the docs office all loopy, le join had to be there to drive him back home and make sure he doesnt do anything silly. stopping him from saying something silly, well thats just near impossible to do. so she just had to sit back (probably wince) and just listen.

so faj got a few parts of his diagnosis back and well, he made a response that was so special mention worthy, i had to write this post about it. oh the faj. its lines like these that make me say "omg, he is like jamie!"

after hearing that his lungs are clean and healthy he exclaims:

"i think its from all the singing i do."

the crazy thing is, i think he wouldve responded exactly the same way even if he wasnt on meds. chun = cuh-razy!


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