Thursday, November 02, 2006

you should be (pole) dancing, yeah!

my legs are killing me today. no no, its not whore cramp legs (although there was a lil of that kinda action goin on too... wink wink) but the pain is from pole dancing! yay. finally got to redeem the bday gift i got for jiller by attending a semi private pole dancing lesson last night. it was a fun hour with lots of observations made along the way.
  1. best body - and im not talking about mine or jillers (unless you like big boobs and skinny legs - jiller or modest boobs, even more modest booty and a jelly belly - me). seriously, our instructor wendy had a pretty killer bod. her arms were diesel, belly was like slave 4 u britney except more defined and her booty... dont get me started! if pole dancing gives you a bod like that, sign me up for daily classes stat!
  2. pole burn - its like rug burn but from the pole. got a few on my arms and legs while i was attempting to do the swirly move. after a few tries, i finally got it down. if i ever enter an empty subway car, i may just have the urge to swing!
  3. climb every mountain... i mean pole - we didnt just learn a few tricks. wendy got down and taught us a mini routine. and routine that ends with a pole climbing pose. elizabeth berkeley better watch out! jiller and i didnt get to advance to actually climbing the entire pole but we managed to get ourselves to the first step which is just getting up there. i learned that getting onto the pole is difficult but once youre up there, its easy to maneuver your bod into like a hot arched back pose... the ending of our routine.

after last nights lesson i not only had a mini urge to install a pole in my new apt but have a new found respect for pole dancers. seriously, that shit hurts. pole burns, pole climbs, and while performing the pain inducing moves theyre maintaining sexy poses and sultry looks. it is tre tre difficult. then again, i always thought if i had to choose between being a stripper and a prostitute, id pick stripper hands down. strippers make just as much money as prostitutes, get great bodies bc theyre bodies are always in motion (like the prostitutes arent moving around, hehe) and the best pro of being a stripper and not a prostitute is... no stds! strippers man. smarter than i thought.

special mention:
everybody looks like jiller!
everbody loves jiller!
that is so true!!!


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