Monday, December 04, 2006

superb weekend

its weird how one random moment can trigger such a happy feeling. i was heating up a late night snack when it really hit me. im living on my own. i can eat when i want, what i want, where i want, how i want. i can do what i want. just made me really appreciate my life right now. its pretty a-ok. this weekend was a nice mix of my life and i thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. heres a quick recap:

friday night: sibling night
  • my brosef rich and sis dee came to the apt with her devil dog beanie (feeny or bean feens) for a night out with the doggies (gio was waiting patiently for us all day) and a fun dinner in soho.
  • dinner at woo lae oak made us realize how quickly our fam eats. we take out all the bullshit lingering convos. its order, eat, pay, leave. seriously. we were in and out of the place in 40 mins. then we went to dean and deluca for some late night munchie shopping.
  • not only does chun = ridiculously good looking but it also means lazy channel surfing bitches. no need to go out when youve got your sibs, munchies, and primo dvr cable with on demand everything. dexter is the greatest show.
  • le join had her last night at le cirque so she did not join in on the sibling festivities. she came home with wicked stories of stupid random stalker assholes she and her friends met throughout the night and... a nasty cold.
saturday day: just the two of us (rich and me)
  • the four of us had bkfst together. ordered in from a deli. then dee went to flushing for a dentist appt and le join stayed in bed and tried to sleep her illness away. so it was just rich and me.
  • original plan was a meal at the seaport but the temps were dropping a lil too low for us so it was a train ride to times square for a lunch at bubba gumps. yummy! best part was i had mucho leftover... dinner!
  • after escorting rich to penn station and making sure he got on the right train, i headed down to chelsea to stop by whole foods and pick up ginger and soup and other little goodies to help cure le joins cold.
saturday night: the cheese does not stand alone
  • thought it was just gonna be a fun night out with the girls but i realized it was the first time out with the girls where my boat had more girlies than that other boat. to deal with their new "boat" status, g-star and jiller drank (and smoked) the night away. i wouldve joined in on their debauchery but then they started with the "being single sucks" talkin so i started walkin... with jamie and mike to the nearest cab.
  • we should be singin' yeah. after pickin up a pack of stogies, jiller and g-star met the three of us in k-town for some overdue karaoke. many, many, many bustouts last night from everyone. jillers alone bustout. g-stars aint no other man. the whitneys. my ashlees. plus, it was cheap and cheap. we likes and we likes =)
  • capped the night off with a night cap at btjs. had a fun ride and then it was nighty night time. best part - the lazy sunday to look forward to (suggested by him).
sunday day: lazy sunday
  • woke up a lil before 9. had a bedside "workout" then back to more sleepies. finally got out of bed a few hours later and headed to the living room couch for some channel surfin. (isnt called lazy sunday for nothin')
  • tv. smoke. eat. tv. smoke. tv. me. like. to. spend. me. day. like. this. wished i couldve stayed longer but i had an illin sister, a hungry dog, and a dinnertime visit from the maj and faj on my mind. busted back home just in time...
sunday night: distance does make the heart grow fonder
  • i miraculously managed to feed and walk the dog, unload/load the dishwasher, scrub down the bathroom, tidy and sweep up the apt before the maj and faj rang the doorbell.
  • the 'rents came over to share a nice korean dinner with their two daughters, give le join some meds for her cold, and finish building the ikea furtniture. ok fine. im spoiled. no, im privileged. im not spoiled bc i appreciate my parents help. besides it gives them just as much joy as it does me that my furniture is now all completed.
  • of course after i diligently swept my floors (right before their arrival) they let a few snide comments slip out about my "dusty" floors. ugh. theyll never approve. but yay! i dont have to hear their crap everyday. why? bc i live on my own!!!
  • maj and faj left feeling satisfied with their work well done with the ikea stuff and our (le join and i) work well done with the apt. theyre happy with where we all are right now and thats so cool. no more complaints and strained relationships. im pretty happy too.
what a weekend. nice mix of family, friends and booty too. some stuff i wished i had a lil more of this weekend:
  • 9-0s. the brenda years started up again and i havent even watch one ep yet. its gonna be 9-0 mini marathons this week after work.
  • shopping with the jiller. our day of shopping got cut short last weekend and this weekend it just never happened. i need a new comforter set and fun stuff for my apt. jillers the one i trust the most. not only is she a mapquest/zagats/yellow pages, shes also a fun interior decorator too. jiller to the rescue!
  • more quality walks with gio. this weekend was all screwy with my and his walking sched. cousin beans and just being mucho busy as cut our walks short. i like long walks with gio. the longer the walk, the more chance fate can do its thing for me.
anyway, im trying to keep this upbeat attitude about my life so heres a quote from sheryl crow that should get all these down and out people thinking: "its not having what you want. its wanting what you got." - soak up the sun

special mention:
can i steal that?

guy with the sparkly santa hat to a cashier at duane reade


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