Wednesday, November 08, 2006

im every woMAN

so mike the qg (quality guy) - he needs a cool name for this blog - gave me a nifty lil book to read not only to keep me occupied while i ride the subway to work but to also possibly make some (dating) life changes. the said book: why men love bitches. funny title but solid 'advice.' pretty much sends the same message as that other book: hes just not that into you.

in hes just not that into you the message is pretty much, if you have any doubt hes just not that into you well then hes just not that into you. youre better off without that dumb bastard. easy breezy. in why men love bitches, the basic message is make him work for it and if he doesnt comply, give him the boot bc someone out there will work for it. why? bc youre AWESOME!

bitch is described in a positive tone. a bitch is a woman who is secure with herself and knows shes the bomb diggity. shes a smart woman who knows how to get what she wants and throws away whoever doesnt want her, without ever looking back. its a feel good book. very empowering. girl power!

as much as it is empowering, its also kinda, well... we're still following the mans rules! still playing his dumb game. theres a mini chapter about being in control while letting the man think hes in control. yaddy yadda. my overall thinking is no matter what we think, the man still has the control bc we're still playing his stupid game. i guess the part that gets me the most upset is the whole sex thing.

no, not gender sex but the deed itself. the horizontal mambo, the knocking of the boots, gettin' your groove on, you know what im talkin about. if a girl has sex with a guy too quickly, she should kiss the possibility of a relationship goodbye. as much as guys want the sex, they want the chase even more. have the sex, the chase is gone... along with the attraction to the girl. men love challenges. theyre naturally competitive folk. thats why they enjoy video games so much. they love any chance to show off their manliness.

of course this got me thinking, if i just held out the sex a little longer with the btj, could our friendship have blossomed into a relationship? i didnt want to dwell on that too much bc there will never be an answer to that question. i cant change whats already been done. i do know that i did want it, probably just as bad as he did, so i shouldnt regret it.

then that got me thinking, is it hard for other women to hold out or do they have fun making the man wait? am i giving in when i have sex with him when i really want it too? am i just a horny bitch (yes a bitch bc i think im pretty secure with myself) or just a woman with a mans mind?

what really made me think that im a woman with a mans mind was what i did yesterday. i woke up knowing that this week was crimson tide week. its amazing how fast 4 weeks fly by. knowing my flow was coming soon i texted the btj and set up a nooner. gotta love nyc and the mta. i just wanted to fit it in just in time. no pun intended... ok it was. and it was just in time as i woke up this morning with a non-surprise from aunt flow. (dontcha love the fact that you know all about my menstrual cycle) so am i crazy horny slut or just a bitch who knows what she wants? and i did get what i want ;) things to ponder, my friends. in the meantime, im gonna finish that book and you can enjoy a clip from one of my fave best worst movies, so i married an axe murder. woman. wo-man. woooooooooooooman!

special mention:
this may be a possible repeat. if it is, i apologize. you know how my memory... where was i going with this?
brenda walsh: whats a nooner?
brandon walsh: it aint breakfast and it aint lunch.


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