Monday, November 13, 2006

chivalry is dead - a girly rant

lori the fan fave plaza east-er: why can't boys just step it up?
cassie the craziest blogorhea producer: boys are stupid
cassie the craziest blogorhea producer: throw rocks at them
cassie the craziest blogorhea producer: hehe
cassie the craziest blogorhea producer: i think boys have just gotten lazier
lori the fan fave plaza east-er: i like rock throwing
lori the fan fave plaza east-er: yeah they have
lori the fan fave plaza east-er: they need to go back to chivalry
cassie the craziest blogorhea producer: its the whole casual dating thing that killed chivalry.

who knew a simple aim convo would lead to such a brilliant observation. the sign of the times. womens lib, hip casual dating, career minded women all killed chivalry. we traded in being courted like a princess for our dignity. ok fine, you cant really put a price on dignity and respect but that doesnt mean women should be treated like just another barbie... and pay for it too!

see the convo between me and lori started out with a recap of our weekends. lori mentioned she met a guy at a bday party and they really enjoyed each others company. then he left... without her number. thats when the above mentioned clip started. if it were 20 years ago (i feel like chivalry started to die in the 90s) the guy wouldve not only gotten loris number but also secured a date for the next night. urgent. so (not) urgent, urgent. the urgency that fuels men is gone.

being a 20-something single is actually seen as a good thing. youre not single but independent. free to do what you want. see, men dont get the sympathy "aw, still single?" looks as much as women do as they get older. even now as being a single woman in her late 20s and even early 30s isnt so taboo men dont feel the urgency to claim a woman and chain her down with a big rock.

without that urgency, who needs to schmooze too, right? unless the guy wants to marry you, dont hold your breath waiting for roses or even a door held open for ya. and seriously, why does it take forever for a guy to ask for your number. i have already exchanged 3 emails (each way) with this guy on match and still no "hey lets grab a drink, whats your number?" see, i just asked for a number and that took no thought at all. did brain cells die with chivalry too?

*sorry for the lack of quality. the maj and faj are over and i cant concentrate.
** mike: im sorry to hear about your grandma. hope you and your family are doing well. if you need to talk, im here man. i went through the same thing last year.

special mention... a la le join:
me: whats the point really, of taking of their shirts?
le join: nipple action

girl talkin about making out with boys

le join: somethin old, somethin new, somethin brownie.
describing her ben and jerrys selection


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