Sunday, November 19, 2006

s(mokin') s(exin') saturday

i had a pretty stellar saturday. it was lazy, indulgent, yet very productive too. wha? kinda oxymoron-ish huh. lazy and productive? but its true. i had the best of both worlds. why? bc im a bitch. an independent woman. ive got my slices of life in check and took a bite out of each one. im awesome.

preface to the weekend: el brosef rich had his interview and audition at his numero uno choice school - berklee school of music. i was scheduled to accompany him up to boston but le join and the faj took my place instead. work at work was cuh-razy this week. i made the right choice by staying in ny. not just that, our little moo moo gio has been illin these past few days so i took him to the vet and nursed him back to health. besides all the chaos i was really looking forward to this weekend bc my nyc apt would be mine all mine!

i love le join but i would love love love to live alone. maybe its bc ive grown up in a full house that makes me absolutely cherish my privacy and alone time but yeah, ive been so stoked about having the place all to myself. i get to leave dishes in the sink, take a shit with the bathroom door open, walk around naked, hell even have some boys join me and my nudity. did i do all those things? hehe. read and see.

so my weekend began friday afternoon. left work early to take gio to the vet. then had somina, lauren, and the btj over for dinner. i showed the girlies my pad and then argued with the btj about the book i just finished, why men love bitches. the btj first guessed that the book was written by a woman and then proceeded his rant about how women cant possibly know what men want. riiight. then we all agreed that men like a woman who puts herself, her family and friends first and the rest after. well duh! but throughout the night and the next day, there were little things that made me think, haha the book is right about this, right about that.

after dinner, the btj and i walked somina and lauren to the subway and went back to the apt to really start the fun weekend with a makeout in the elevator (hooray for high rises!). after a sheet rustling session the btj programmed all my fave channels in my dvr. this reminded me of the book. let a man fix something for you. makes him feel manly and smart and important. true i wouldve eventually figured out how to program the faves on my own but a. i didnt want to tear down the manly wall of im awesome confidence hes just built up for himself and b. im a lazy bitch, id rather have someone else do my work for me than actually do it myself (example: ikea furniture).

anyway, to reward him of his hard work, i gave him a special treat: and no, my knees on the floor were not involved in this special treat. i pulled out a pint of ben and jerrys. ha. now the book has a mini section about not cooking a full meal for a man but instead making him a meaningful snack. the book suggested popcorn as it is easy to make (pop in microwave and if youre really feeling frisky, actually pour the popcorn into a bowl) but i went one step closer to easy and just pulled the pint of ice cream out of the freezer with one hand and brought it over the whole10 steps to the couch with two spoons in my other hand. voila. now im awesome.

after the fun dessert, we had another bedside dessert and then went beddy bye. i was a ti li fo sho. gio actually let us sleep for a pretty decent amount of time before waking me up in the am for his bkfst and morning walk. the walk was productive bc not only did he make his dookie, we also walked some of it back to the vet for testing. yay. so already, one errand down: dookie dropoff.

when gio and i returned to the apt, i knocked out a few more household chores. unload and then reload dishes in dishwasher - check. garbage and recycle items to the refuse room - check. all around tidying - check. wake up the btj with some booty - check and check. then the btj made me some bkfst. so cute. as he was making some fun hole in the middle english muffin french toast, i ran out quickly to buy some oj. as i was picking up the juice, my brothers voice ran through my head (you always get people to do stuff for you and then leave them while theyre working). felt kinda crappy but whatEVER, i never do that to intentionally hurt anyone.

when i came back with the oj, breakfast was almost ready. the btj saved one more to show me how he made this delicious concoction. the proud look on his face almost made me feel just as proud. almost though... mama was a hungry. after our breakfast it was smoke, sex, eat, repeat... about three times. i surprised the btj with the last round. i couldnt help it. i wanted to burn off the extra bowls of cookie crisp we consumed that afternoon. then i showered and when i looked at the whatever clock to check the time, it was already past 5pm and the btj was sound asleep in my bed. i let him take his midday nap (i mustve tired him out) and did my laundry for the 1st time in my building.

another productive moment of the day as another big chore goes under my belt as done and done. not just that i discovered my laundry room is just as cool as the other amenities in my building. the washing machines are a bit small but the dryers are wicked huge and dry everything wicked fast. best of all, if i do decide to actually stay in the room while my clothes are being washed, theres a huge flat screen tv to keep my occupied. luh, luh, luh, luxurious. we are. we are.

ended the night by parting ways with the btj and heading over to the hill (murray of course!) to chill with jamie and gayliestar... and theo too! i realized i havent really left my 'hood since i moved here. i also realized that cabs are so f-in expensive and the peach pit after dark is so f-in far from any subway. nyaaaa. i need to start a cab to murray hill fund. i think i may need to install a pole in my apt. i should be dancing, yeah!

special mention:
prom. night. mare.
nobody likes me!

ive got special mentions block.


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Add "i get to leave dishes in the sink, take a shit with the bathroom door open, walk around naked, hell even have some boys join me and my nudity" with "i wanted to burn off the extra bowls of cookie crisp we consumed that afternoon" and you've got one classy lady!

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