Monday, December 11, 2006

la maj intuition

had a nice long weekend. nice. long. lazy. weekend. woo hoo. the laziest part of my weekend was lazy sunday. lazy sunday at the btjs. you know how i love my lazy sundays... at the btjs. but this one had my mind on overdrive. why? bc of la maj. little overview: el faj flew out to california friday morning so la maj would be only lonely for the weekend. i actually had a nice kinda long convo with the majinator friday night before i went out. kinda made me sad to think she was home alone but i knew she was happy that all kids are out living their lives. im sure she was even happier when she called me on sunday.

so lazy sunday began at 2am when i arrived at the btjs after a surprisingly fun party in brooklyn. yeah man. i actually trekked it out to another borough. by subway! truly truly momentous. anyhoo, started my arrival off right with a bed breaking (literally!) session. hehe. thats how i like to be greeted ;) then a close friend of the btj came by with a mini party of his own. after some mingling, the entourage left and the btj and i went beddy bye around 5am. ti. li. nation!

woke up hours later the way i like it =) and then while the btj was in the shower, i got a call... from la maj. it was past noon but la maj was acting as if it was the crack of dawn and asking why im already out of the house. i said i was at a friends (which isnt a lie) and of course she responds back, "your boyfriends?" and of course i scowled, no just a friend and la maj then says, "ok but a mother always know" and ended the call just like that.

what does she know? how does she know? she doesnt know. hell, i dont even know. whatEVER. i just went about the day forgetting that phone call. that was kinda easy to do considering the rest of the day consisted of just tv, food, and smokey mcsmokesteins. me like green. actually, the btj kept getting calls from his mother too. the make me smile part about it was that she knew who i was and even said hello... via the btj of course. ew. i hate being normal.

anyhoo, the "morning" phone call from la maj wasnt the last. she called again at 10:30pm and yes, i had to answer to her that i was still out with my friend. of course she let out one of her sly comments, this time it being, "must be something special if youre spending so much time together." too bad i couldnt tell her that this special time mainly consisted of tv, pot, food, and a little sex too. lol. ok, maybe she does understand the specialness. is la maj a secret ho too?

the most disturbing thing about la maj intuition is where her imagination takes her. its one thing to be intuitive. its another thing to be totally out of this world. so le join spoke with la maj and of course relayed everything back to me. la maj basically wanted le join to be a spy... to spy on me. she asked her how my expression was when i got home. happy and smiley or sad and crying. nuts. then, then she goes, boyfriend or not cassie better be married soon. wha? married?! i dont even have a titled or properly named "relationship" (even the word relationship has to be in quotation marks) with someone, and she thinks im gonna get rock on my finger?! la maj should try focusing on the other daughter, you know the one living with her boyfriend. theyve got a proper title and everything.

special mention:
did she just say byeeee?


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