Monday, January 09, 2006

my list for 2006

already in the second week of the new year and i still havent made my resolutions for 2006. the list below is just whatever is rattling outta my crazy head:
  1. diet is die with a t - i know i know. the resolution thats on everyones list but im not like everyone else. when i want to do something, i do it. ive got perserverence. i dont even know if im using that word right. ok, so i had a pms-in meal at johnny rockets yesterday but ive been snacking on banana chips instead of potato chips. im slowly starting the hot body transition. more workouts, less pigouts. motto number one of the year.
  2. summer '06 will be independence day - i cant live with my parents forever. and i seriously need to start my 'dating' life but i wont until im an independent woman. i just want a place that i can call my own. somewhere to kick off my shoes and pack my bowl. i work hard. im gonna reward myself with some summertime freedom.
  3. more sex in 2006 - seriously, after i get resolutions 1 and 2 down, this one should just start rolling in. hot bod + own apt = lots of hot sex. who am i kidding, all i really want is someone to watch tv with... have sex and then go back to the tube. hell, i wont even mind if the tv is on during. actually, i think i might prefer it that way.
  4. no more spirals - i really want to try and live a more positive life. no more downward spirals. i actually noticed an uplifting change in my attitude this past weekend when i went out bday party hopping. i took a look at the people that were surrounding me at the bars and realized new yorkers really are butt ugly. ok that doesnt sound uplifting but it made me feel like im not as gross as i think that i am because my "competition" is pretty nasty to begin with. see, im more positive already.
  5. carrie bradshaw/doogie howser - what do those two have in common? they both type away on their comps about the lessons they learned that day. id like to do the same. keep on writing. sharpen my skills. then ill live a little and write about actual interesting stuff. maybe if i keep on this path, i can possibly get paid for my ramblings. then no more office fat ass.
so those are my main goals for 2006. i have other goals too like going to europe, going to korea (no, thats not a typo), and try the west coast life (although i do like being surrounded by "ugly" new yorkers) but that i can do when im closer to the big 3-0. ew.

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