Friday, September 15, 2006


im not a very affectionate person. la join heard this quote once and thought, omg thats our family. the quote was: "we only show affection for our horses and dogs." my fam doesnt own any stallions but our dog gio does get the most affection out of anyone in our crazy casa. faj used to imitate the way i walked into the house and did my greetings: "hi maj. hi faj. hey join. hey rich. HI MY LITTLE PRETTY POO. WHOS THE BEST DOGGIE IN THE WHOLE WORLD? THATS YOU! YOURE SO CUTE I COULD EAT YOUR FACE. BUT I WONT BC YOURE MY PRETTY POO. MY LITTLE MOO FACE. OOOOH! (lowercase indicating a low deep voice. THE CAPS mean my voice is high pitched and LOUDamundo! im also grabbing gios face by his ears as he just soaks in my lovey embraces). im tired. im going to bed. goodnight."

just bc im not affectionate doesnt mean i dont like affection. hugs and kisses and all that nonsense. i do like it. it just depends from who ;) receiving is fun but giving or showing affection, not my strong suit. mostly bc im not sure the person i wanna give it to really wants it so i take the easy road which is to not do anything at all. yeah. thats not as fun (as being a ho) but at least i avoid any chance of embarassingly getting rejected.

i always think back to miranda and steve from sex and the city. the cuddling scene. its like a saturday morning and miranda is ready to hop out of bed and start her day. steve pulls her back in to cuddle for a little while longer. the scene is funny bc its usually the girl begging for a little cuddle action and the guy being annoyed and thinking the cuddling is like a chore. i love the gender role reversal between those two. miranda literally asks for a time frame for the cuddling and steves all like, who times cuddling?

that scene reminds me of myself. dont get me wrong. i love cuddling/spooning. but after a while, my mind starts to go into overdrive. is he losing circulation in his arm bc my fat, heavy head has been lying on it for while? is he getting sweaty? am i getting sweaty? is this gonna lead to something else (you know what the something else is) soon bc if not i need some space to sleep. yeah. i never understood girls who like to fall asleep spooning. sleepy time means sleepy time. cuddling/spooning usually doesnt lead to quality shut eye and well, this mama needs her beauty sleep.

having a hard time showing affection is one thing but when its with "friends" it gets a little more complicated. sometimes when im just hanging out with the btj, usually sitting on the couch watching tv (most likely yankees or football, dont get even me started our different tastes in television viewing) i have the biggest urge to place my leg over his and just let it hang (semi intertwined). but i dont. affection is such a gray area in our "friend"-ship. i guess im so scared to be affectionate bc i dont want to start looking like the clingy ho who just wont let go. im so not clingy as much as im so vip.

one of aaron karos ruminations from a few months ago has totally been running through my head these past couple of days:

-In the end, I believe that marriage is the great equalizer of twentysomething life. There's nothing I enjoy more than watching a chick wait desperately for her boyfriend to get off his ass and propose already. You have to understand, ladies, our entire lives since puberty have been predicated on waiting for you. We're always ready to hook up, but we don't get blown or fucked until one of you decides the time is right. But by tradition, the man alone decides when to propose. This is the first and only time we hold all the cards. So if your boyfriend has been beating around the bush about dropping the knee, don't misinterpret it as cold feet. It just takes a while to absolve fifteen years of sexual frustration. Payback's a bitch, ain't it?

no, i havent been thinking about this bc another one of my friends just got engaged (cue music: another bites the dust). this came to my mind bc the karo is basically saying guys are always waiting for girls and the only thing they have any control over is the marriage proposal. my first thought after reading that: karo is a douche bag. not even summers eve but generic brand douche.

heres my rumination: girls are always waiting for guys and they only thing they have control over is when he gets to park his car in her garage... but once the cars been in the control the girl has goes out. damn control. i was never good at keeping a hold of it.

special mention:
p-t p.p. aka potty-training penis push


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i sooo understand the whole fat head and sweat issue with cuddling. been there, lived that!

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