Monday, September 04, 2006

best labor day

such a productive day without much production going on. took a 9:15 am train to the city to catch the 11am 9-0 marathon at the peach pitt after dark/gnessINN. yeah man, thats 9-0 dedication. even though it was just a day of walshes and weed and take out galore, a pretty major event took place. a friendster status has been changed and honey it aint mine. yeah man. grandma jamie has found a gramps. the yenta has made a match for herself. cuh-razy. which leaves me in the "odd wheel of cheese stands alone" state. out of my closest circle of friends, i am the single single. hmm. kinda like andrea zuckerman leaving donna martin in the v-boat... although with the way the past few weeks have been going, i dont think the ship im on would be correctly labeled with a v on it.

anyway, a big mazel to jamie. her new bf is a quality guy. hell, any guy who sings rent in a karaoke bar, not just a karaoke room, is worthy of jamies partnership. happy scrappy hero pup.

9-0 special mention:
im doin' the best that i can
doin' the best that i can!
1 out of 3 songs from the spring dance

your mom spends half her time in detox and the other half unconscious!
sanders to taylor

your apt is bugged!
9-0 marathon playing our all time faves.


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