Saturday, July 08, 2006

psycho cheapo pothead

maryjane. the greens. you know what i mean. so you like to toke. you like to just chill out. be a fun mellow fellow. i hear ya. sometimes though, the getting hizzle fo shizzle gets a little out of hand. not like physically or anything but mentally and emotionally. you just start to wonder, man, do i love it just a little too much or am i just a psycho cheapo pothead. examples:

pass the dutchie on the left hand side - its a good day. possibly even a friday. youre with your friends and miraculously you all have a little stash. woo hoo. time for a dutch. you dont really know how to roll a blunt, you just smoke 'em so you watch as he/she peels, fills, licks, rolls... and then, then it just kills you but he/she brushes the shake that had fallen out during the process off to the floor. of course you act like you dont notice but you know you feel your heart break a little. that shake couldve filled like a tiny bowl. a persie. and now its garbage. hey man, every little bit counts. or maybe youre just a psycho cheapo pothead.

flower in my hair, j in my mouth, i wouldve loved the '70s - joints are just cool, man. im not a cigarette smoker so i was never the cool looking chick with the cool looking cigarettes. no man. and lets face it, people wouldnt smoke cigarettes as much as they do if it didnt look as cool as it does. yeah man. it kinda goes the same with toking:
  • bowl - suburban toker
  • blunt - urban toker
  • bong - college toker
  • joint - cool toker
hey man, matthew mcconaughey knew whats up in dazed in confused (you gotta joint?... itd be a lot cooler if you did). i love the j's too. the flavored papers. ive really mastered the art of rolling them really pretty and with mouthpieces. but theres also another reason why i love them: the roaches. roaches are awesome bc you can store them away for a rainy day or build them up into an emergency stash. man i love 'em or im just a psycho cheapo pothead.

good to the last drop - look at the stash and its getting a little low. lower than you like. you have enough for like 1 fat bowl but you resist to pack it and spark it. argh. what if you call your guy and theres like a drought. or like his supplier got caught. no ways to getting some cheeb any time soon. then you regret smoking the last of the stuff until you remember, you havent yet. yeah man. holding onto it was a good precautionary move or maybe youre just a psycho cheapo pothead.

i read this on anothers blog once and i thought, these are the most genius words ever: its not an addiction if you can still pay the rent. well, i will be paying rent in a few short weeks and will continue to do so every month for the next year. although the cheeb is oh so sweet, living in an nyc apt is just so much sweeter... and you can smoke there too ;)


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