Wednesday, July 26, 2006


i didnt date much in high school. ok. not at all. i was shy to say the least. all of my crushes were from afar. they were all hot jocks who probably didnt know my name but probably knew my face. who wouldnt notice a big rotund face following your every move between classes. yeah. i was a bit of stalker. oh man. if i knew then what i know now, i wouldve pounced each and every one of them. they were HOT. emphasis on the WERE. they say a womans sexual peak is in her 30s and a mans is probably in his late teens well let me tell you this, it may not be sexual peak but a peak in the looks dept. i just feel like the sea of men out there is getting smaller and pickins aint as fresh as they were when we were in high school.

the men may go through this tragic transition but we have to look at it. yikes. i first thought about this about a year ago. the g-star was talking to her younger brother about a date she just had. his girlfriend (fresh out of high school) asked what the guy looked like and g-star responded with a bunch of adjectives, last one being "balding". balding the young'un exclaimed. balding g-star replied. honey as the years go by this is what you have to look forward to. sor man.

i always say every guy looks great in a tux or a baseball cap. most of my crushes wore baseball caps. they were jocks. its like their nature. back then it was cool bc i knew there was a full head of blonde hair under there (yeah, i tended to crush on guys who would NEVER give me the time of day... great for my self esteem). now, if you see a cute guy with a baseball cap on, he may not be as cute when he takes it off and reveals... a receding hairline. yeah man. happens to the best of them. take your propecia guys!

i mean when guys are in high school though, theyre not exactly men so of course theres gonna be some growth. and the term "freshman 15" didnt come from nowhere. so yeah, guys fill out. nothing wrong with a little more meat but when its the whole cow... cuh-razy! it usually goes like this:
skinny high school boy ---> taller, bigger neck, possible double chin, probably balding
fat high school boy ---> fatter, no neck bc multiple chins are too heavy to carry
skinny high school asshole ---> didnt even know he had fat tendencies and now a lard ass.

im not saying every guy in his 20s is a fat out of shape loser. there are ones that are svelte and have nice bods but theyre usually assholes bc they know they look good and know about the fat balding losers out there. i just feel like us girls are working our booties off to look hot to trot but the guys that are trotting around arent even worth it. ok fine, we may get bitchier with age but weve got junk in our trunk thats smokin'. what the epcot. why do girls always have to settle. boo.


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