Sunday, September 10, 2006

i dont got bette davis eyes

obviously. my eyes, hair, face, body - just a tad different from my friends. i know im the (tokin) token asian among my sea of jew buddies (aka my jew crew) but i guess i jumped into the same dating pool with jew-tinted goggles on. its like i walk into these dates/winks kinda forgetting that im asian and what a big deal that is.

i know i know. dating is a big numbers game.
100 winks-->30 - 50 responses-->10-15 dates-->1 possible winner

when youre trying to date someone outside of your race, the numbers are a little crueler. lets take a look at my numbers:
21 winks-->3 responses (1 was a "nice" let down<--asshole!)-->2 dates-->1 friend

maybe i should be glad that people are just as picky about me as i am about them. of course people are gonna be hesitant about me. im a rare creature. im not some submissive geisha whos gonna love you long time. im also no brainiac church going law or med student either.

im an honorary jew who passionate about mindless things like celeb gossip and stupid movies, uses sarcasm whenever possible even though my voice is as monotonous as they come (i can even rival ben stein sometimes), dont want to go back to school unless i can study "how to make lots of money by watching tv (with herbal refreshments)", and lean towards religions that have good food (latkes and knishes are the bomb!). im not your typical asian chick but im not exactly your typical jew bitch either (hence my hesitancy of joining jdate, hehe).

so my real question is, should i just continue on with the jew-tinted goggles? not worry about my big asian face. im always gonna be out with my fetish radar. i know the jew boys have the fetish. jamie was right. murray hill is crawling with jew boy/asian girl couples on every corner. i just dont want to fulfill anyones gross fantasy. i think thats why i tend to stay away from red lipstick, bleached blonde strips of hair framing my face, and stupid high pitched giggles.

there is one great thing about having a great big asian face - the brush off. ive rarely used it but if i dont want to answer someone, i can pretend i dont speak engrish. hehe. although i must admit my "asian" accent, not so good. yikes. can i do anything right?!

rooftop party special mention:
walking to the peach pit after dark/the gnessINN, 3 boys are standing in front of its closed door.
me: is this door open?
guy 1: yeah but i dont think youre allowed in. its vip only.

as i open the door...
me: well im going in. im SO vip.

two puzzle pieces.

about jamie and mike

thanks to mike for like a slightly tear inducing testimonial. a quality testimonial we be returned to you within the next few days. quality takes time brotha!


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