Tuesday, July 04, 2006

viva la 6s (8s and 10s too)!

i never really read much as a child. i totally hated the reading assignments we had in school and would always try to find someone to do the homework with (aka i swap my vocab definitions for someone elses reading segment answers). there were some series that a girl just had to read growing up: babysitters club, cam (the photographic memory girl), sweet valley high. oh sweet valley high. such a fad/phenomenom. the life of perfect blonde twins. perfect size 6 twins. perfect. size 6. together? yeah man. thats like an oxymoron in todays world.

"6 is the new 12."

so i watched the devil wears prada this weekend and well, that tiny little line just answered why ive felt like a fatty mcfatstein all my life. the years where a little chub is acceptable have withered away and we are now in the rib cage chic era. seriously, we may be advancing in technology and whathaveyou but when it comes to what is attractive, weve trailed off to a scary and sickly route.

"you look really... healthy."

ugh. koreans are usually straight up blunt ass people. "wow, looks like youve put on a lot of weight since ive seen you last." yeah. that hurts but the "healthy" comment hurts just as much. oh yeah, who doesnt want to be healthy. after all, health should always come first. but what does healthy really look like? ill tell you, healthy looks fat. after all, if 2 is the new 4 and 0 is the new 2, how the hell are you gonna squeeze your fat ass into that dress. oh yes, its a 12, i mean 6.

ill get fun compliments once in a while. "oh wow, you look like youve lost some weight." "seriously, you look great, what are you doing." yeah, i love those but at the same time, they confuse the crap outta me. yes, there are times when i actually feel good about myself and the way i look. yeah man. sometimes i can think im a hot bitch. but then, i go outside, and theres a girl wearing a bandana around her waist (with room leftover), and i cant help but feel like shrek standing next to her.

ive gotten a lot better with the whole comparing myself to others thing. i know that some people can be bigger than me and some can be smaller. fine but i think we should bring the norm back to well, normal. if youre naturally a size 4 good for you and your tiny little body. you know there are so many girls out there who are not natural size 4s and starve themselves just to get and stay that way. ew, why is the little girl thing so hot. makes society a little pedophile-like.

i wanna bring back the hotness to size 6s, 8s, hell even to the 10s. i think its harder and more envious to maintain a bod with curves. please, anyone can be a coke head and wither away to a size 0. i think curvy girls are enviable and smart bc you know they still eat what they want and look hot too. they enjoy life and have fun. viva la 6s!


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