Friday, July 07, 2006

no pic, no go

so i just joined match. just up and did it. well, i had some inspirations - friends (jamie and melfur) urging me recently, the start of my urban life rapidly approaching, a silly horoscope from cosmos bedside astrologer. i know, silly but true.

anyway, after a few days and some editing, my profile finally got approved. i was waiting for the flood of emails to just come pouring in. well. i got one. one damn email. and brother is from the bronx. fine. im not gonna be crazy crazy picky so i said, maybe give it a go (his income is in the 100 - 150K range). then i see hes got no pic. ugh. not good. im a shallow bitch man. looks are tre important. i mean, thats 90% of whether i reply or not. 90% looks, 10% profile.

after a mini angel/devil battle with myself, ive decided not to reply back. theres like a 95% chance i ask for his pic and i wont like it. what makes me think i wont like what i see? if someone liked what they looked like, even just a little, a pic goes up. no pic usually = ugly person.

so if i asked for the pic and didnt like it im screwed. im not gonna not keep talking to him bc then im the bitch who stopped the communicating bc of an ugly face but im not gonna keep talking to him bc hes a guy with an ugly face. see. sometimes it takes a little looking into the future to prevent it from happening. or maybe im just a shallow bitch.

special mention:
best message. special message.
new karaoke song: penny and me by hanson.
kelly clarkson song to know for the concert: addicted
download and download.


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