Monday, January 16, 2006

ooga chacka ooga ooga

first holiday of 2006. first friday the 13th of 2006. first 3 day weekend of 2006. big weekend of firsts. its left me a ti li. so im just gonna start this week off with a few special mentions:

gayliestar - hope youre feeling better. youre not the only one with your limbs crappin' out on ya. my left foot decided to have a mind of its own and i fell on my face walkin' out of the petco in union square. one of my classier moments this weekend. yuengling, sour cream and onion chips and margaret cho was definitely the chillest way to start my weekend. hope the doc prescribed some good pain meds.

the aim - but youre not hardcore, no youre not hardcore. i didnt have the dvd. yay! seriously, thanks for the gifts. jack black rocks. its actually inspired me to look for my tenacious d cd and stick it back in my car. btw, send over the fun pics from the weekend. many "friendster" worthy ones. hehe. good luck on the new job ;)

jamie - "i hate girls and i hate coat checks!" youve seriously pulled it off again. another miraculous karaoke night. i think all we need now is a mini road trip so we can perfect our goodbye to you. ps - im so excited about your bday gifts!

jiller - 1. i passed by thomas's today and realized it has been way too long since weve had breakfast there. 2. sunday definitely wins best day of this funtastic weekend. dutchie, diner, massages. 3. i walked through the kitchen to get my massage. call me for the full story.

adam - party at go go was totally fun. i love hanging out with you and the boys. its a great self esteem booster. whenever i get compliments from you boys, i always know you mean it instead of trying to get into my pants which by the way i probably wouldnt mind anyway because a. youre usually gorgeous and b. mama needs a mister right now right now.

joinaclub - happy 22nd! a special mention quote (and motion) for you:
after a filling meal and dessert at cheesecake factory
cassie - i cant breathe.
swirls a huge chunk of whip cream onto finger and proceeds to eat

returning home from our big birthday meal at cheesecake factory
arms up in the air
joinaclub - IM FULL!

another big ups to joinaclub for hooking me up with a sweet ass music vid on my myspace. im such a cyber cheesehead. anyway, click on the hoff and scroll down to comments (on the right side). sing along, chuckle, whatevers your pleasure.


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