Tuesday, January 10, 2006

island essentials

i was going to write about what my top five things would be if i were stuck on an island (because lost is coming back tomorrow night) but as soon as i wrote the post title, i decided to do a comparison between what you would need on a tropical island and this crap hole i call home: long island.

lip wear
tropical - lip balm with spf. the sun can be your friend but only if you wear protection.
long - lip gloss. the whining doesnt sound as annoying when coming out of shiny pinkish lips.

tanning wear
tropical - sunblock spf whatevers the highest. theres enough rays to not soak it all in.
long - who needs creams when theres tanning beds. how else do you get leathery skin.

vacay wear
tropical - sensible bathing suit. basically one you can wear day after day. no shoes. (the others)
long - bright colored, over priced, barely there bikinis with matching juicy terrycloth couture.

tropical - just give me something to write with. letters can 'cause a lot of drama ala junior high notes in class. and since theres paper, how 'bout something green to go with it.
long - car, greens, bowl, lighter, visine, lip balm, gum. im set for the night.

tropical - who eats when theyre in a bathing suit all day. just give me the sun... and some greens.
long - who eats when theres skinny bitches everywhere. but when the munchies are getting the best of you, diners and bagels. late night and just right.

ok. i really wrote this for jamie. i know you have an early day. i know this was crap. when im under pressure, my mind goes blank. got no ideas. maybe the new lost ep will motivate me tomorrow.

special mention:
jamie: someone yelled out dylan mckay!
cassie: im surprised it wasnt you.
jamie: yeah, well i have respect for the theatre.
discussing seeing rocky horror picture show with luke perry on broadway


Blogger NYC Publicist said...

everyday i read the blog, and everyday cass cracks my shit up. thank god for the ham sandwich! wait, that ain't kosher...oh we're such bad jews....

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