Monday, January 02, 2006

i remember

i remember my grandfather.

i remember walking to school with him every morning with my sister. even though we were walking through a tough neighborhood, i always felt safe with him by my side. i remember the stops we made to the local candy store every afternoon after school. grandpa would always let us pick whatever we wanted so i would pick one item while dee would have her arms full of sugary treats. he never minded though.

when we moved to long island, grandpa was still the one walking us to school. the neighborhood was much safer but he still walked in a fast pace. i remember walking home from school one day with grandpa and a friend and my friend saying how fast we were walking. even though he had a glass of liquor with every meal, he was the healthiest man i knew. always moving, always staying busy.

grandma is definitely the chatty half but whenever grandpa would speak, it would be words of wisdom. i remember grandpa would always teach me history lessons years before i would learn them in school. i would be sitting in class, listening to the teacher speak and having de ja vu. the de ja vu was because of grandpa. he gave me the best foundation of education.

even though mom and dad would enroll us in numerous korean schools, i can only credit grandpa for my literacy in korean. i remember sitting at the dining room table with diane and writing the korean alphabet over and over again. i remember reading the beginner books and gradually advancing to comic books and then finally newspaper headlines. although i wont be able to translate any korean novels, i can instantly read any korean words and thats because of the alphabet charts grandpa made us write.

i remember multiplication tables. when i was in second grade and learning multiplication, grandpa made me sheet of all the multiplication tables. i aced my multiplication exam that week and now wow my friends when theyre desperately trying to figure out how much they would spend if they bought five 12 dollar shirts.

i remember grandpa playing badook. whether it was going out and playing with his friends, or keeping himself occupied while he was at home, i can still see and hear those black and white checkers moving around on that wooden board. i remember the planters peanuts can he would keep the checkers in.

grandpa loved to travel. he was a world traveler. i remember him leaving for months and coming back home with pictures of the beautiful places he had just been to. grandpa lived his life to the fullest. he may not have been loud or wild but every day was a learning and teaching experience.

i remember grandpa. i always will.

i love you grandpa!
8.13.1909 - 12.30.2005


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