Sunday, January 08, 2006

its kelly. miss clarkson if youre nasty

this weekend has been a nice mix of sibs, friends, and good times. friday night was sibling night with a showing of dog sees god. i seriously recommend it. im even considering seeing it again. different parts of the show still pop into my head occasionally. nice start to the weekend. saturday night was a typical night of bday party hopping with the girls. ended the weekend with a visit to grandma and a recap ep of greys anatomy. i also played santa on saturday when i gave a few gifts to my close friends. jiller got grow your own herbs kit(and no, not the type you smoke although that wouldve been cool), gayliestar got a late night out emergency kit, and jamie got what every cheesy jewish grandma wants: a mic shaped shower sponge and the best and worst of american idol dvd. we watched the best of dvd and it reminded me that there really is only one true american idol and thats kelly clarkson.

clay aiken may have the best voice in idol history but he never won the idol title so he cant even qualify. kelly is an idol. she is the only idol winner that can be identified without the idol title. her career is so successful that parts of it mirror other very successful artists.

celine dion - these two must have the same management or something. same masterminds behind their careers. both ok looking girls with huges set of pipes but talent can only get you so far. you need to make the right moves which is exactly what miss dion and miss clarkson did. dion had a moderate hit with because you loved me from the up close and personal soundtrack. then she had a titantic hit with my heart will go on and the rest is canadian music history. clarkson had a moderate hit with the trouble with love is from the love actually soundtrack. then she got a breakaway hit from the princess diaries 2 soundtrack and a string of hits to follow from the same named album.

mariah carey - im thankful kelly doesnt have the same wardrobe as mariah but the numerous hits from a single album looks very mimi-like to me. it took me hearing behind these hazel eyes one time to make me purchase the breakaway album and it hasnt left my car ever since. there are only a handful of albums i can listen through all the way without skipping songs, mariahs 1s cd is one of them and the breakaway album is another. there is one difference between mariah hits and kelly hits, kelly songs dont all the sound the same. my fave songs on her album is the very dark and moody addicted and the very girl powered mid tempo next single walk away.

christina aguilera - im also glad kelly doesnt take fashion advice from the new mrs bratman but when it comes to live performances, these two are neck and neck. there are some artists whose pipes just wont let you down and there are others who make you nervous when theyre performing on snl. lets just say, these two chicas arent the latter. when they grab the mic, you know youll be dazzled by the power that comes out of their mouths instead of cringing as you watch them do a hoe down while theyre "backing" track plays. ok, so ive never had the pleasure of seeing miss clarkson in concert (im sorry but if i wanted to be surrounded by annoying 12 year olds and their mothers id take myself to the nearest lone star or national jeans and call it a torturous night), but whenever i watch her live performances on the tele or the web, im just amazed.

avril lavigne - yeah, the canadian wrote breakaway and generously gave the texan the song to sing but theres more in common between these two than that hit song. they have both put a rock twist in pop music. avrils got her canadian angst and expresses them through catchy tunes with the occasional yodeling in the bridges. kelly rocks out american style by trashing apts in her videos and growling out frustrations. they have also never appeared in their music videos with their asses hanging out and tits jiggling in sync with their hot beats.

jessica simpson - ok, so there is one thing and one thing only that these two have in common: theyre both from texas. the similarities stop here. kelly is like the anti jessica. clarksons got a brain. kelly can actually sing. she doesnt have a creepily incestuous relationship with her egotistical overprotective father. no annoying younger sibling who tries to desperately steal her spotlight by embarassingly pursuing a music career herself. no exploitive relationship thats a tabloid regular. kelly clarkson is definitely one reason to not hate texas.

even though miss clarkson has had three successors to her american idol title, she is the only one who still wears the crown. will there be someone else who will be able to hold a candle next to her career? maybe we'll find out next week as the first ep of season 5 airs on jan 17th. will i be watching? im a lazy ho. ill probably just end up reading about it the next morning on in the words of aaron karo: "god bless the internet."

special mention:

moment of the weekend - the another day bust out

quote of the night - "its not that hard to fuck a bouncer."

-gayliestar after getting her cigarette lit from a bouncer


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