Tuesday, January 03, 2006

mourning ti li

its been an emotional rollercoaster today thats left me a ti li. mostly good thoughts and feelings. i have the greatest support system, including the most wonderful friends ever. plus my wacky family actually added some humor to this somber day. i have some cool pics and a fun vacay i still need to write about. that will be up by the end of the week. til then, some special mention quotes that may produce a chuckle or two (probably all from jamie)

special mention

jamie quotes
blog freeze
(describing my time away)
an actual good mix
(what she made for her new years party)
after listening to my fantasies of blogging about my nyc life
jamie: good. you can start one now about long island.
cassie: yeah, but i dont go out.
jamie: good. that can be chapter 1.

california quotes
about to take soju shots at korean bbq in oc
rich: to vaginas
mike (blazed of course): to vaginas
shots are taken. ten minutes later...
rich: i think that vagina toast just made my night

george clooney

happy new year.


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