Friday, April 10, 2009

dos anos

two years. officially. titled for 2 years. ooc. its amazing to think how we started. it took 8 months to make our relationship official. to figure out what was between us worth a good ol solid shot. and to this day, its still the biggest and BEST risk ive ever taken. i put my heart out on the line and thankfully my man caught it and has treated it like GOLD. if i remember correctly, he dove right into relationship-ness as soon as we agreed to the titles. holding my hand whenever we stepped foot outside. and even though he "danced" around those 3 words, it wasnt too long until we said it to each other.

ive prided in the fact that i didnt follow any rules from day 1. i never waited 2 days to call him. and well, neither did he. but when it came to the whole "i love you" thing, i did follow that stupid rule - have him say it first. you know me, only 1 risk every 3 decades or so and i already used up the risk by sending the ultimatum email. shut up. i know what youre thinking. my risk was sending an email. but if you know me, you know that in itself is huge progress.

anyway, back to the 3 words. i wanted to be so cool when that moment finally came. i wanted to be like han solo and respond with an awesome, "i know" but of course i didnt. i think i squealed the "i know" and followed that with a "i love you too!!!!" and no. these words werent exchanged through an email. it was said in person. actually, 98% of our conversing is in person. we are always together.

we may only have 2 years in title-dom but if you calculate how much time we spend together vs the time other couples spend with each other, we probably got like twice as many hours on them... maybe even thrice (hehe. i just wanted to use the word "thrice"). i read an article a few weeks ago. it was a survey taken in the uk about long lasting marriages. they asked a bunch of questions to couples that have successful marriages. some interesting statistics came out of it like: kiss at least 4 times a day, say i love you at least once a day, have dinner together at least twice a week. of course as i read this article, i thought about my relationship and kept going: check, check, check.

i know. youre probably sick of my lovey dovey bragging. it hasnt always been sunshine and rainbows. weve had our fair share if crises: moving to bk, ceilings falling on our heads/bed, bed bugs, moving out of bk, deemian aka the crazy bitchass sister, the other sometimes bitchass sister, family cultural differences aka the korean nation, job loss, finances (or lack of), and our current "problem" - withdrawal. i put the word problem in quotation marks bc it isnt really a problem. more like a nuisance. weve gotten on each others nerves these past few weeks bc well, both our minds have been in overdrive and our tempers have been shorter than a oompa loompa.

its strange. i kinda get happy when we bug each other. it reminds me that we're normal. plus it tests our relationships strength. we're pretty damn strong. it still cracks me up to think how nervous i was to broach the relationship topic with my man and now, now we talk about the future. we go to weddings and say how we would do things differently (omg, are we starting to sound like the gormans?). we talk about how we would raise our kids and obv how gorgeous theyll be. we talk about moving out west and living a fun sunny life together. and if our careers would go bust, we got a few million dollar ideas we could try too.

i just love the fact that 2 years later, when i think about my man, a HUGE grin still creeps up on my face. plus, i still enjoy doing the simplest things with him. walking the streets of nyc. i love it. its absolutely my all time fave thing ever! i love just walking around with him. sometimes i wish there was papparazzi to take a pic of us. it would be such a damn adorable pic.

in a few short weeks we'll be embarking on another milestone. the official living together. i know. it takes us a while to make things official. but like this relationship, i know its totally worth the wait. my bf rocks! we rock... together (2 years and counting)!


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