Monday, March 02, 2009

im exception-al

so le join turned 25 last month. and even though weve been living in the city since 2006, le join finally started to enjoy the city life this year. 2009. yeah, of course she waits til the last 4 months of do to time for her... come may 1st, the glorified dorm room will turn into a glorious studio for a very adorable domestic couple ;) so this weekend, my lil sis got some much needed booty. and who did she call for advice? me. since the booty didnt come from a boyfriend, le join needed some 101 on 20-something nyc dating aka the booty call era.

i got the usual questions: does he like me? does he not like me? is he into me? oh and a new one: is he into me enough? doesnt the last question kinda negate the entire book? the whole books point was pretty black and white. hes into you. hes not into you. not, hes into you 45%. rehashing her tale reminded me of my own tale and i realized im that girl. the girl that your cousins friends sister knows. you know, the girl that everybody (or the book) says doesnt exist.

my man was actually with me and le join when we were talking about the beginning of my relationship with my man and the whole into you-ness. ha. i turned to him and said, "you werent that into me" and he replied (like such a man) he wasnt into commitment. and when you find that exact answer in the book, youll see that our relationship would never be.

and that is why i think my relationship with my man is awesome. its like a miracle! ha. i think it works so well bc we NEVER followed any rules or played any games. we called each other when we wanted to and never waited a day or 3 to hang out. i think its lasted this long bc we were and are always ourselves. we are exception-al!

either that or im a genius and should write a book of my own - how to grow on a commitment-phobe like a fungus (slowly and "un"-expectedly).
the male version of that book - how to get your dream girl - is yet to be written by mike.

special mention: snow day edition
rich: mother nature ruined my plans!
me: bro, i think youre the only student (and teacher) thats pissed about a snow day.


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