Monday, December 08, 2008

you know its brick* out when...

*brick = really f-in cold

i know ive been superbad about this blog. the first time i ever missed an entire month of blogging. obv nothing too exciting happened in november 2008 (besides my first jewish thanksgiving. so yum!). after the absolutely fantastic gorman wedding, i had 2 more weddings (one of which was my sisters), my bday (good times with good friends), and the already mentioned l-town thanksgiving. the rents booked it outta the country and back to the motherland after dees wedding and took my camera with them for their mini asian tour (seoul, hong kong, bangkok). i probably missed out on some photo ops but im sure their photo ops trumped mine. oh yeah, i also got a new phone. the samsung propel. the ozzy phone! man i love that commercial. i got the blue one although i was contemplating between that or the green. i think i chose wisely. so that was my unblogged about month.

so what finally motivated me back to this damn weather. just like last year, our autumn lasted 4 hours and the climate went from summer to winter pretty quickly. now, even though i sweat at just the thought of the sun, i love summer clothes. i love that i dont need a jacket. im always quick to stash my long pants away and throw on a dress and a pair of flip flops and be out the door. now when the weather gets colder, i sadly realize that my laundry basket will be seeing more pairs of socks and less tank tops. boo. last year though, i learned to embrace the nyc street vendors and got really cool winter wear for cheap. my fun hat and scarf. true, i also have a fun pair of glittens i got for no more than $10. now leaving the apt with my hat and scarf is almost as definite as leaving with shoes on. but the glittens, they only go on my hands when absolutely necessary.

so my list of you know its brick out when....
  • i have glittens on.
  • i dont like the song thats currently playing on my ipod but i dont want to take my fingers out of my glittens to change the song.
  • i select more transfers/less walking on
  • i consider taking a cab home (you know my cheapass tries to take the train as much as possible).
  • i wear leggings (the female equivalent to long johns... so then are these long janes? when did i get awfully punny? seriously, its pretty awful.) under my pants and it becomes a regular thing. ok, when did i become a cheesy grandma?
you know i love you when its brick out and...
  • i actually leave the couch to go to your party (but dont be surprised if i leave after 15-30 mins.)
brick times = hibernation. my man and i, we're bears. when the temps drop, we stay in and stay put. luckily, we got to start 2008 on the beach in anguilla however, we'll be ringing in 2009 in frigid nyc. guess what our plans are? hibernate in 2008! then on jan 4th, itll be tan and fine in 2009 :)


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