Monday, April 28, 2008

we be (bed) buggin'

yeah. i wish it wasnt true but it literally is. the burg'in pad was bed-buggin'. are you feeling itchy? these past few days have been the most exhausting, disgusting, tiring days ever. i literally felt like a walking disease (how does paris hilton live like this?) and felt nowhere was safe to sit, lie down, or even touch. thankfully, annie is the coolest and awesomest person ever and let me leave work to take care of this nonsense. le join was chill (after having a mini bd which caused one of my bd's) with the sitch too as it couldve affected our apt too. then i learned dee was actually the one to help calm le join down so big thanks to her too. and a huge thanks to my mans parents who helped get rid of those buggers by finding the bed bug king.

it all began thursday. ive been itchy but i thought it mightve been the new lotion ive been using. my man didnt have any bites whatsoever but when he woke up thursday morning, he saw a little bugger and bolted off to work to do some research. i woke up to 6 mixed calls and a voicemail from my man. sure enough, the little bugger he saw a bed bug. let the panic begin! we werent sure how long weve been sleeping with these things (EW!) but had a feeling it mightve been a while since the neighbor directly above him had them months ago. right around the time my mans ceiling collapsed. ugh. im getting nauseous and itchy again just writing about this. after many phone calls back and forth, kickass annie let me leave work so i could go back to the bk crib and start garbage bagging the bedding and pretty much everything else. nasty.

although there never really is a good time for bedbugs, this day wasnt exactly ideal either. first, my man had an interview that night. how could he think about clinching a job when he had to deal with bed bugs. ew. gross. secondly, we both stopped buying the greens and basically started our hiatus on the tokes. ahhhh, i never wanted a bowl so bad though. my man however, was fiending for a ciggie but he stayed strong and just said no no no. lastly, le join usually has the weekend off from work so she goes out to li. of course, she had work on friday and saturday so would be staying in the city. argh! so basically, there were rough times ahead.

the bed-buggin' timeline:
thursday morning - my man sees the bugs. does the research. bugs out (pun intended, obv!).
thursday afternoon - le join bugs out. bugs me out. i leave early to start bagging while in a furious, scared, and guilty (for possibly spreading this epidemic) mode.
thursday evening - my man goes on his interview and i nap (bagging is exhausting!).
thursday night - le join calms down and we make up and my man and i head over to the do to to to spend the night. yes. the three of us had a slumber party in the studio apt. very interesting night.
friday morning/afternoon - i go to work and my man takes care of buggy business with the bed bug king.
friday evening/night - i meet my man at the laundromat to help fold every article of clothing hes ever owned plus all the clothes i had at his place. he has a mini bd and i calm him down. we head back to my place to drop off my clothes and to do a preliminary check to make sure the do to to aint buggy. then i have a bd and my man calms me down. then, my bro calls for girl/slutty hobag advice from my man.
friday/saturday midnight - we go to my convertible to drive out to jersey. just to fit the theme of the past two days, we walk out to rain... and we parked the car with the top down. thank goodness my cars got leather seats. we wiped the rain off and drove away laughing. what else can you do in a sitch like that?
saturday morning - apt hunting online and via phone from jersey with my man and his 'rents. i also watched a kickin ep of flight of the concords. that shit is damn funny.
saturday afternoon - meet the exterminator at my apt. luckily, those buggers didnt travel to my place but i got a precautionary spray down done anyway. not taking any chances. then it was a fun domestic trip to bed bath and beyond and the container store.
saturday evening/night - have dinner at a cute pub. cover the mattresses at do to to with vinyl covers (plastic sheets = dead sexy) then head back to dead bug land aka the bk apt. get rid of the mattress. pump out the aerobed and invite some neighbors over for some wine (very much needed after this debacle).

sunday was spent working with the maj while my man checked out apts in the village. hes looking at places back on the mainland aka manhattan. so we went through some crazy grief this weekend but im gonna take this experience as a blessing in disguise. maybe my man will find a kickin place thats better than his orig apt in greenwich village. hopefully after this new lease, my man can finally move in with me or at least we can officially live together elsewhere. why does everything take forever to be official in this relationship? anyhoo, i did learn that my man and i make a great team. we time our bds perfectly so that we can help each other out. i stay strong and level-headed when he feels outta control and he picks me up when im feeling down. there are lyrics in the kinks apeman that really describes how we are to a t: "ill be your tarzan, youll be my jane. ill keep you warm, and youll keep my sane. and we'll sit in the trees and eat bananas all day just like an apeman."

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