Wednesday, April 09, 2008

1 year officially

can you believe it. tomorrow marks the 1 year anniversary of title-land. when the btj became the bf. actually tonight is the 1 year anniversary of when i sent the email. we actually have 2 anniversaries. 4/10/07 is the official anniversary and 8/15/06 is the unofficial anniversary. i actually picked that date myself (it was the date of the first yankee game my man ever took me to). so, here are a bunch of important dates for me and my man.

7/17/06 - contact! well through email anyway. i winked at him over the weekend and he responded back with a cute email. the email trail begins and lasts for a bit. we sent long-ass emails (at one point i thought he was competing with me to see if he can write longer emails than i do) to each other for a week and then exchange the digits. woo hoo!

7/25/06 - contact! well, we finally meet in person. i remember this day so well bc it was also the day i went on the job interview that got me outta li and into nyc. so after my interviews, i trekked it back to the peach pitt after dark. i got a call from my man and he invited me over to his place for a lil smoky afternoon. i begged jamie to come with since ive never met this guy before but she let me go by myself in case a hook up opportunity popped up. alas, we didnt make out... that day but it didnt take too long before we made any physical contact ;)

8/15/06 - since the day i met him, we hung out about twice a week. during one of those hangouts, my man mentioned taking me a yankee game. i brushed off that comment bc why would he take just a friend (a cute one too) to a game. well, the man lived up to his word and took me to my first yankee game. man. ive been hooked ever since, the bf was just a nice bonus that came with (i kid, i kid).

4/9/07 - i finally found my balls and grabbed onto them tight as i wrote the email (ok fine, my balls werent that big if i gave the ultimatum in an email). so i wrote, rewrote, edited, cried, called and finally sent the email. then i called jamie and cried some more. first time i ever cried over a boy. damn those normal girl feelings.

4/10/07 - went to shas bday happy hour and then went over to his apt for the decision. who knew after that night, my life would change. it didnt dramatically change but it did. if anything he dove right into relationship land while i tried to hold back on all the couple-y stuff. ha! i knew he wanted it too. from that night, ive become what ive always despised, the happy couple girl. am i still that girl today? HELL YES!

so just like our relationship, im sure we'll do something low key tomorrow. which is fine with me. i know im happy and in love when im completely content just being with him... anywhere :)


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