Tuesday, April 22, 2008

pesach it to me

so ive been feeling much much better since i last wrote. had a mini bd. ok, kinda major bd. i break down every few months about my living sitch and then snap out of it when i realize that i have a pretty amazing support system and well, i gotta just deal with how my life is for now. sure, i have responsibilities that really shouldnt be mine, but hey, we all get dealt cards that we dont want. we just gotta play 'em out the best way we can. so thanks to my buds and my man. it still amazes me that i have these wonderful people in my life.

anyway, steering away from my dark days, lets lean towards the dark days of the jews. ah, this past weekend was my very first seder. before we left for jersey, i had my man brief me on the story of passover. basically the jews were slaves in egypt. moses who was a jew but didnt know was a jew then found out he was a jew was told by god to go up to the pharoah and tell him to suck it and let his people (the jews) go. so passover is all about remembering that story. theres bitter herbs, sweet charoset (a fun fruity mixture), matzoh (bc the jews were on the run), salt water, 10 plagues (with fun finger puppets), the afikomen (i found it the first night and won a $15 itunes card. go me!), manischevitz (got a lil buzzed after half a glass), and just a delish dinner (man i love me some brisket). it was a learning experience with great food and good times.

the first nights seder was held at my mans parents house. it was a cute lil gathering of just my man, me, his bro, his 'rents, and his aunt. thats why we all participated in looking for the afikomen (its usually done by the kids). i know, im learning all this new hebrew lingo. its awesome. i love going to these holiday events. its like the cliffs notes of hebrew school (pronounced shool, of course). the matzoh ball soup was absolutely delicious. i actually ate half of my gefilte fish and all of my brisket. mmmmmmmm. brisket. hot, cold, ill eat it any which way.

the second nights seder was held at my mans aunts house. this was a lil bigger with cousins and lil kids. ok. there were 4 year old twin girls, a 1 year old girl and a 3 month old girl. all adorable, obv. the twins actually made their own haggadahs in nursery school so they sang along to their own work and asked the 4 questions in the most entertaining way ive ever seen. of course the twins found the afikomen that night. then after a fun game of duck duck goose, my man and i headed back to ny.

i really am so lucky that my mans fam is so cool and nice and inviting. i love soaking in as much jewish culture as i can when im with them. its funny bc a girl at work just got engaged. shes italian and catholic and her man is jewish. theyre getting married in a church. i was like, "youre not converting?" and she goes, "im making him convert" (obv joking). the more i learn, the more appealing it is to me. maybe its just 'cause im learning from awesome people. who knows.

happy pesach, people!


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