Tuesday, March 25, 2008

10 years

in june, it will be 10 years since i graduated from hs. ew. what a way to feel old, eh? im pretty sure my class will not be having a reunion. please. we didnt have a junior prom or a senior class trip (although most of our class went to the bahamas during spring break) bc not enough people wanted to participate, so i highly doubt that anyone i graduated with will be jumping at the chance to pull a reunion together. besides, in todays day and age, who needs a reunion to see how those nasty bitches are doing when we got the internet. man, i love cyber-stalking.

my new fun stalking tool is weddingchannel.com. bc as much as i hate to admit it, most of the people my age are either married or about to get hitched. weve come to an age when the number of marrieds starts to get bigger than the number of singles. maybe its bc ive grown up a bit, or maybe its bc i have a bf, but im actually not panicking. usually when i feel like im behind in this game called life, i panic and feel like im slow and stupid. like when i was out of college with no job, totally felt like a loser.

not so. at least not now. now when i find out someones married or even with a kid (please, im from li. we dont do the irish twin thing) im not jealous but shocked like whoa, shes married... and with child! am i immature? although i think babies are adorable, the thought of having one myself right now gives me the heebie jeebies. scary!

so i feel pretty ok about myself. sure im "homeless" but at least im not living with my parents. i know i wrote something about the big 3 a while ago but i cant find that post. when i wrote that post, i only had 1 out of 3. but now ive got 3 out of 3. what are the 3 you ask?
  1. job - ive only got a kickin one that takes me to nike id and fun restaurants during the holidays and on a party bus to the borgata on other random nights. yeah with this one, i kill this category.
  2. digs - not only am i out of my parents house, but i own my own apt. true, i only spend maybe half my time there and use almost all my money on it but its mine.
  3. the other half - finally! i got the bf... and i actually like him! i hope when people see us, they see two happy silly crazy people bc thats who we are.
maybe thats why my jealous bone doesnt get hit when i read about yet another whos married. im happy with where i am with my life. i dont feel like im behind and i definitely do NOT feel like a loser. nice guys finish last and we all know i was never that nice ;)


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