Wednesday, February 20, 2008


its funny. this past weekend was the first time that word was used to describe my man and me although im sure many people have been thinking that for way longer. we cant help it. we're like each others drug and yeah, we're addicted. this past weekend was really one of the best ones ive had in a long time. even though i had to work last friday, it was only a half day (office closed at noon), the thursday before was v-day and the following monday was also a day off from the office (for presidents day) and my mans bday! like i always do, im breaking down my extra long weekend per day.
  • thursday 2/14: v-day! - so my man followed my orders and had something delivered to my office. hey, whats the point of having a bf if you cant rub it in everyones faces on v-day. am i right? am i right? so my man sent me 2 packages. the first was a pot of roses with 2 dolls and the second was a box of chocolates (pictured in the post below). i knew the night would be low key bc i didnt ask my man to make reservations anywhere and he is not exactly a fan of this holiday. actually i think i read this in one of karos ruminations but its true, v-day is only enjoyed by gfs. single people obv hate it and bfs think its just annoying. of course my bf is one of those guys who hates the holiday but masks his hate with the whole "everyday should be v-day" bs. please. like 1 day outta the year to cough up some dough to spend on me isnt gonna kill you.
    anyway, we discussed our dinner plans should be something low-key and had johnny rockets as a serious option. so the night before, dee had the two of us over for a lil guitar hero sess. needless to say, my man went to bed way past his bedtime so i knew he would be a ti li fo sho when i came back from work. and he was. he suggested staying in for the night and for some reason, i agreed with him. then i sat on the couch and started to get upset. tears started to flow outta my eyes and i became that girl. the gf i never wanted to become. the girl who wants her bf to be a mind-reader. my man ran over to me and basically answered the q's he was asking himself. why was i crying? he shouldve ignored his exhaustation and taken me out. its v-day. its our first v-day. its my first v-day. i was totally that girl. i dropped subtle hints but never told him exactly what i wanted.
    this made me think of a convo i had way back in the summertime when the candice and rocco show was still in full effect. my man and i were saying that we work well together bc we tell each other exactly what we want and do it. rocco and candice were saying its nice to do things for the other person without them telling you to do so. and i guess a part of me wanted that. i wanted my man to do something for me that wasnt on my wish list. to put a lil effort into something thats just for me. anyway, my man dried my tears and we ended up having the low-key dinner we originally planned to have but instead of johnny rockets, we went to chipotle. we also made a great discovery: chipotle has awesome cheap beer. rockin! this was also the first time i used the power of the box. it was pretty cool.
  • friday 2/15: half day friday! - i was psyched to go to work only bc i knew i was leaving there in a few short hours. although the office closed at noon, i didnt get out til 2pm. hey, im a diligent worker. as soon as i got back to my apt, i had a nice relaxing time by myself. all i have to say is a bowl + idol auditions = lol good time. seriously, i think i scared my neighbors with my rupturous laughs. especially with my high ceilings, i was echoing. nuts. i refrained from eating too much bc dinner was gonna be awesome.
    my man and i were meeting up with his bro cory and his gf amber at lugers for an early bday dinner for my man. i know lugers is my mans all time fave meal and well, i may just hop on that bandwagon. while the three of them were waxing poetic about politics and all that jazz, i was piling my plate with yummy steak which immediately filled up my belly. i was in crazy sneaky korean mode. it was awesome. as we were all enjoying our buzz, cory asked us how our v-day was and of course we gave a mini description of our holiday (minus our lil tiff). who knew that cory and amber werent in the best spirits these days. after hearing a lil about their differences my man and i realized 2 things: we really did have a healthy relationship and the candice and rocco show may have some new competition via the cory and amber show. hehe. my man and i can be such schadenfreud-ians.
  • saturday 2/16: takin it easy - spent the day in bed eating cold leftovers from lugers. so yum. we slowly trekked it back to my apt by doing a lil shopping in my mans old 'hood first. went to an adorable childrens store called bombalulu's to pick up gifts for my mans cousins 1st bday party. then we stopped by american apparel to pick up a cute dress for me :) we finally arrived at my apt around 7pm and i made a yummy dinner of korean kalbi and rice. im awesome. then my man and i trekked it back to bk only to watch movies, read books and fall asleep. honestly, i think we spent at least 2 hours that night not saying a word to each other but there was not even a second of awkward silence. thats when i knew my man is not only my bf but my partner. you know youre extremely comfortable with someone when you dont feel the need to fill an empty space (aka silence) and you can pretty much do anything you would do when youre alone with that person being right next to you. plus, we have our own sign language. you know lil hand gestures for pack the bowl, scratch my back, etc... i know, we're so adorable we're nauseating. ew. when did i become this girl?!
  • sunday 2/17: family day - first stop: jersey. our day began with a fun bagel n lox brunch with my man and his fam. i also picked up groceries while i was in jersey to bake cupcakes for my mans bday which was the next day. so fun. the bf got an iphone from his parents for his bday. they also booked our flights for jordys wedding. nicest parents! after our filling brunch, we headed over to cousin charlottes 1st bday party. this party made me feel so young and old at the same time. i felt so young for not having a baby of my own (like 80% of the adults there) but so old bc this was one of the first kid parties ive been to when im not a kid. good thing is, i didnt want to kill myself or any child there. hmmm. maybe i am growing up. i actually thought the kids were adorable. lil babies!
    the last stop was flushing, queens. my parents wanted to take my man out to dinner for his bday. ah, long story short, my car sounded like a harley during the entire 2 hour drive from jersey to queens. gotta love a loud car in nyc traffic. amazing. dinner was adorable. my parents got my man a lil gift (really nice aftershave) and a fun caterpillar pillow for me. hanging out with my fam has become a bit more relaxed now. i really appreciate my parents making an effort to get to know my bf more and i know he appreciates it too. ah, fam non-drama. its kinda nice.
    so we went back to bk and i literally waited for the clock to strike midnight so i could light a candle in one of the delicious funfetti cupcakes i made and give my man his bday gift. i love love love giving gifts but im also a weird ocd stickler for giving them on the actual bday or holiday. i dont like giving hints either bc i think the surprise of not knowing what the gift is is like 30% of the fun. im weird. obv, my man loved his gift (it was the naruto uncut box set volume 2, i gave him volume 1 for v-day). then we hit the sack and eventually fell asleep (natch).
  • monday 2/18: the bfs bday! - looking back on this day, its exactly how i wouldve wanted to spend my own bday. my office was closed for presidents day but my man had to take the day off. besides, i think they should make it a law: you can NOT work on your bday. we started the day with brunch at our fave bk brunch bar, teddys. seriously, they make the BEST bloody marys ever. you wanna know how i know. bc i dont even like bloody marys that much but thats the reason why i go to teddys. the bloody freakin marys! they taste so good and yeah, they also get you f@#$ed up too. so we went back to my mans apt to chase our buzz with a bomba. then we decided to trek it to the mainland aka manhattan to do a lil shopping. books for the man, jeans for moi. we ended the day with a nice sushi dinner across the street from the 'burg apt. good food, good shopping, good times.
every single minute of this ridiculously long and ridiculously awesome weekend (except maybe for a few hours) was spent just the two of us and there was not one second of "ugh, get away from me" (not even during the v-day fight). i am totally comfortable with the togetherness i have with my man but what i didnt know was that his parents think its normal too! thats who used the word "inseparable" to describe us and they said its totally understandable bc thats how they are too. sure, this weekend may sound like any other weekend ive had since my courtship with me man but i still get moments of enlightenment. i guess thats how i know we're still fresh. whenever i think we've entered a new level of comfy-ness, we hit another zone. yikes, ive totally become the gross happy girl. damn love. its turned me into some happy monster.

special mention:
its official. 10/11/08. let the countdown begin!


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