Friday, February 29, 2008

everybodys workin for the leap-end

ah. im so glad its friday. im trip-ly glad its friday. and my 3 reasons are:
  1. its the first full week of work after a short week and even shorter weekend. ok fine, my workload this week wasnt back breaking... or even fingernail breaking but this week seemed l.o.n.g. the weather went from almost spring-like to downright frigid accompanied by snow. plus, ive been feeling bloated and fat all week. serio! not only do i have a full fledge muffin top, im even carrying muffin top-back too. yeah, ew. back fat. can i get any more signs to hit the gym. i dont think so. as my bod has been bloating, i cant say the same for my wallet this week which leads to reason number 2!
  2. payday friday! yeah, ive been on the po fo sho diet the past week which is hard to do, especially when the aunt is in town. oddly enough though, i didnt have my usual chocolate cravings that i always get during the week. i did however, bake cupcakes when i had a sweet tooth as opposed to fishing for change in the couch and running down to the vending machine. a pro for baking is that i saved myself some loose change. a con is the regretful bloating i had the next morning from downing 4 cupcakes in 1 short sitting the night before. hopefully ill be able to pull myself together nicely for the kickoff event for this much anticipated weekend.
  3. its mikes bday its mikes bday.

    fo real. and it dont come every year. mikes had a pretty kickin month, engagement and actual bday and this leap year is gonna be fantastic for him as hes getting married to a pretty cool chick. i may have mentioned her a few times here and there, you know, jamie. this extra day is cool bc it gives people extra time to get shit done or maybe to sit back and appreciate what youve got or whats to come.
im just excited that the weekend is here. i cant wait to sleep in and take my time getting out of bed (although last weekend i barely got out: i played an extreme edition of the island game, my man and i resembled the grandparents from willy wonka). but im hoping to get some stuff done too. tomorrow is march and march has the first of four weddings ill be attending this year. im actually very excited for this wedding bc its in florida which makes it a mini getaway weekend for my man and me. the next wedding is out on li and the last two weddings are gonna be super fun bc theyre the first weddings that im a part of. ive got a busy year ahead of me so this weekend, im gonna take it easy :)


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