Friday, August 17, 2007

a do to to night

i slept in my apt last night. in my bed. alone. no no no, things arent bad with me and the lb. it was just a rare occasion of us not spending our night together. he went to the yankee game with his dad and bro and i came home to walk the dogs and have dinner with my sisters. i say this was rare bc i cant remember the last time the lb and i slept apart. even though this was out of the ordinary, i think it came at a good time.

i came home and was still in my funky mood although not as funky as the night before. talking with my bf throughout the day made me feel a lot better. sure we're both selfish, but our selfish needs are actually to make the other one happy. this is why we work so well. plus, spending time with my sisters made me realize that ive got it goin on and goin pretty good too. i know right now, ive prob got it goin on the best. my health is in check, my job is in check, my social life is in check and check. plus, i look awesome! i was a lil jealous that my sisters spent the day together doing fun things like going out to eat and getting their nails did but of course a day with those two together is never smooth sailing. there were mini fights here and there but there were also big laughs too. ah, thats how the fam works.

so yesterday, dee did something super sweet and got me lunch. yup, since the two were in the 'hood, they stopped by my office and brought me lunch. so nice. money saved for me! when i met up with them, le join was being super quiet but stifling giggles. then after a few minutes, dee goes, "i won! you owe me 10 bucks." to le join. they had a bet if i would notice something. le join bet i would, dee bet i wouldnt (bc im a p-head whos oblivio). what didnt i notice? the two hos were wearing the same dress shirt. but to my defense, the dress shirts were two different colors and dee was wearing it like dress while le join wore it like a shirt with jean capris and a white tank underneath. whatever. maybe im walking around with foggy goggles. damn goggles.

ah, but the biggest laugh came at the nail salon. they went to a place thats owned by one of fajs friends (the jews got their accountants but the koreans got the grocery and nail salon hookups). ive been there once before but that was months ago when there was still snow on the ground. anyhoo, so the bobsey twins walk in to get their nails did and the ladies were asking questions. whos the oldest, yaddy yadda. they told them dee was the oldest and le join is the third. so the ladies go, "oh the other sister doesnt look anything like you guys. you guys look so much alike." duh! then dee mutters something like, "yeah bc shes thin!" lol. anyway, as they were walking out of the salon, they heard the ladies go, oh they look like twins, theyre even wearing matching clothes. lol! so i guess not everyone is as oblivio as i am.

anyway, i say the night apart came at a good time bc of a few reasons:
a. i was still in a funky mood although by the end of the night, the funk had gone away.
b. my man was at the yankee game and they lost so he went home in a more than funky mood.
c. aunt flo. when shes in town, i just wanna lounge and gorge on chocolate.

plus, the time apart (yes, the whole 24+ hours) made me realize that my funky mood really was just pms. watching dee and bri together also made me realize that i do NOT want petty little things to bother me and get me riled up as much as it does to dee. omg, she was literally beating up bri. i didnt witness it (le join did) but i could hear it from the other room. i love my sis but she is p-s-y-c-h-o! im gonna take my own advice that i give to dee, if something is bothering me and/or i want my man to do something, im just gonna tell/ask him. if i want something, i know he'll get it for me. i just have a problem asking. ugh, my sweethearted nature. why cant i just be a bitch sometimes? maybe ill just take my mans advice and be the ALPHA DOG! yeah, ill alpha dog his ass when i need to. its better than moping and blaming it on the crimson tide.


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