Monday, January 29, 2007

weekend update: eye candy to eye sore

my weekend was pretty normal. party here, chill out there. the usual. my looks over the past 3 days went from spectacular to grotesque (ok, im exaggerating, on both accounts). heres a mini breakdown of my ups and downs and clowning all around.

friday - hot to trot
  • the night of jamies bday party and i had my outfit already picked out for over a week. i actually based my outfit around my new hooker boots. i know i know. shoes are supposed to be the last thing you think about when selecting an outfit but these boots were hot. they were made for walking and honey, i was ready to strut. the boots didnt fit over my jeans when i tried them on but they were only $40 so there was no way i was leaving the store without them. to my utterly pleasant surprise, my jeans slid under the boots when i got dressed friday night. score! well, not really. i ended up leaving the party early with adam who doesnt swing my way and does have a boyfriend. nyaaa. i love the ads and besides, the party was slim pickings on the single straight men front.

saturday - castle on a cloud
  • so dee bought me a new mattress since her dog bean (feans) peed all over my old one. nyaaa. the mattress was delivered to my apt an hour early so i barely had enough time to tidy up my place a bit before the doorman escorted the delivery men to my place. my sister went all out and got me a deluxe mattress with a pillow top and everything. i mean everything. including a box spring. so the box spring was placed in my bedframe and then the mattress on top of that. lets just say i had to create a mini staircase to climb up to my bed. i felt like the princess and the pea the whole day. perched atop my bed, watching my long list of dvr'd 9-0s with joe e tata in my arms (it was a lazy saturday). didnt even go out that night bc getting the toilet fixed was a larger ordeal than expected. crazy. the toilet got the final fix the following morning and i got a not so fun surprise too when i woke up.

sunday - quasimodo... its the korean olympic park all over again
  • the pre-story: so i havent been to korea in over 12 years. since the summer of '94. nuts. it was a good trip. met family members i never knew i had, lived on my aunts farm for a few days, took scenic pictures, etc... when we (i went to korea with the siblings and maj) arrived in seoul, jet lag hit us hard. i think i slept 24 hours straight. awesome right? well not exactly. i woke up not barely able to open my left eye. turns out i had a nasty bug bite and the thing was swollen shut. not a big deal right? just ice it down. too bad it was one of the hottest summers korea ever had and so we couldnt just use water like it was... water. needless to say, the ice inventory wasnt very high. great timing right? to top it all off, of course that day the fam was going to the olympic park to take pictures. not only did i look like an ogre, my mother also told me the overalls i was wearing werent very flattering. hmmm, what made me look like crap in the pics, my cute gap overalls or my huge swollen eyelid? i wonder.
  • the current story: oh i thought the quasimodo memories were behind me until i woke up yesterday and went to the bathroom to shower. i looked in the mirror and noticed that my right eye lid was swollen like i had been crying the night before. as i quickly ran through the list of eps i watched last night, i knew something was wrong bc none of them were tear enducing. made phone calls here and there to get advice, popped in some tylenol, iced the eye and prayed that the swelling would go down... and stay down! unfortch that is not the sitch and my eyelid is swollen. i basically look like i got a bad eyelid crease job aka how i looked the first time i got it done (ba da bum!). going to docs tonight to get this settled. cant go on my cruise looking like an ogre-whore.

ok, so a brief recap of my weekend: friday - boots, hot to trot, saturday - high mattress, high times, sunday - swollen eye, deflated ego. this my friends, is basically a summary of my life.

special mention:
jamie: people like that always get what they deserve, its called karma!

describing a bitch who cut her off to get a damn metered spot
rite aid clerk: oh, ultra ribbed!
commenting on the purchase shes ringing up


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thanks for the shoutout mama! can't wait until next week to hang with you and mr. tata for lost!

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