Monday, October 09, 2006

what about jill r

so i started to write a stellar post today. it was another one of my lists but a very important one - my bday wish list. i even took notes during my train ride home today. anyhoo, i got home, went out to dinner with the brosef and then realized what about brian was coming back on tonight. yeah, after a summer long hiatus, the show that made jamie a celeb goss queen (even for just that one night anyway) came back with a pretty ok season premiere. do i think the story line is ridiculous? absolutely. will i still watch it every monday night? absolutely. just when i was feeling a little sad about this being the first monday night in two years without jill r, brian comes back and lets me forget all the little troubles in my life right now, even just for an hour. im not gonna get into the characters and the silly side stories and whatnot but i am gonna say that abc must be beaming right now. brian - good, greys - damn good, lost - amazing.

a quick thought jotted down before i go night night... and also providing jamie something to read with her whole wheat toast and cheese. have a nice day =)

my bday wish list post will totally make up for the lack of quality in this one. a promise is a promise mr frodo. goodnight.


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