Saturday, October 07, 2006

love is is what i want... but not right now

a girl should never say she wants a boyfriend. that word is like RAID to the crappy little ants we call men. i thought i didnt want a boyfriend and in a way, i still dont. if a hot... or remotely decent looking guy shows any interest in me, im goin' for it. ok fine. ill let him go for me. this mama never makes the first move. im too AWESOME to (or too shy and lazy. whatEVER!). with the hiatus of the btj these past few (or almost 2, ok really just a nudge above 1) weeks, i got the chance to think about what i truly want. i dont need all the lovey dovey roses and hand-holding. nah. my wants are pretty similar to a guys. hmmmm. makes me wonder why i havent found a match yet ;)
  • sex - yeah, it sounds slutty but cmon! when its good, its pretty damn good and even when its kinda bad, its still kinda good, hence wanting it all the time. now, ive got standards and im known to be pretty picky. like cher horowitz said, "you see how picky i am about my shoes and they only go on my feet." however, if the chemistrys there then the sex will probably soon follow. why waste time if you think its gonna be good and if it sucks, then you just saved time bc then you know you gotta let that sucker go. yeah, i want someone i know im gettin booty from and WHEN. i hate this wondering bullshit. and yes, aaron karo is still a douche bag.
  • tv - id rather spend $12 dollars on a sixer of amstel at the local grocery store than shell out $10 for a bottle of amstel at some crowded hotspot which will probably make my alcohol digesting enzyme-less body go into nausea hell. the only reasons why i even go out to bars is bc a. my friends will be there and b. i like having an excuse to get myself all dolled up with actual makeup and all that jazz. i love getting dressed up and lookin like a hot mama but once all the standard "im hot, my friends are hot and we're all at some hot bar" pictures are taken, i just wanna go home and watch some tv. a guy who can spend hours in front of the boob tube (and without a video game controller in his hands) is dreamy to me. im such a celeb gossip fiend and how can you possibly be know the latest and greatest without watching a little tele. then again, if a guy knows too much... is that my gaydar beeping?
  • joker/midnight toker - joker comes first bc i love to laugh. a sense of humor is something i want, its something i need. dont need a straight up comedian but someone who can tell a few jokes and can get some of mine too. the tokin' isnt a mandatory requirement but it would be nice. an ideal day and/or night for me would look a little something like this:
    1. sex
    2. smoke
    3. sleep (nappy time)
    4. repeat 1-3
    throw in a few meals/snacks and tv time and im golden.

  • (not required required but) TALL - ok, so the maj definitely nailed this into my head a few too many times but i needs the big big height on a fella. screw must love dogs, its must be tall. yeah, the shorter ones usually have cuter faces but cmon! matthew fox or scott wolf - its the fox-man all the way. maybe i like tall guys bc they make me feel small. i dont have to worry about feeling like a fat beast next to him and if anything, i feel more protected. <------ that totally sounds like daddy issue. jeepers.
so there it is. ive narrowed down my search to tall guys who like to have sex, watch tv, and blaze once is while... or more. doesnt seem so hard to find but like the song goes, "my mama told me, you better shop around."


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