Friday, September 22, 2006


i dont know why but i feel like my match stock is goin up. woo hoo! i was feeling a lil blue yesterday. a mix of feeling a lil under the weather and thinking about my match stats. heres a brief overview:
numerous winks---> 3 responses---> 1 friend (btj), 1 date (cgb), 1 short game of phone tag (im calling this one cupcake man aka ccm)

although the call from the hpj the other night was a nice little confidence boost, my match history was still kinda bringing me down. then while i was watching the season 2 recap of greys, a strange number called my phone so of course i answered it and lo and behold it was the ccm! see, our very short game of phone tag was last saturday so by monday, i put him in my done and done file (right next to the cgb). i kinda didnt mind putting him in the done and done file especially when i found out lori (the fave neighbor) used to talk to him on jdate. ugh. friends seconds arent the best. i should know. ive had them. twice. ew.

so, you could imagine my surprise then when i answered the phone and the other end identified himself as the ccm. wha? anyway, we spoke for a while but we ended the convo minutes before the new greys was about to start. tv first. boys second. always. we have tentative plans for tuesday but like i say, it doesnt happen until it happens.

after greys, i checked my email and again, another damn surprise. it was a match message from a guy who wasnt a. over 40 y/o, b. doesnt live in some crapass hicklike li town and c. wasnt an eye sore. nice. and he actually read my profile and filled out the mini quiz i give potential suitors before i even sent it to him. better yet, he listed half baked and dazed and confused in his top 5 movies. hmmm. a possible toker too. do i have a 4 leaf clover that i dont know about?

so as the jews start their new year, im gonna start thinking about my new exciting life in the most exciting city of the world. btw, i loved the whole shiva schtick on greys last night. and i especially loved that it was sandra oh explaining the whole schpiel. rock on asian jews!

my brother showed me this clip of jtim being ashton on an snl skit of punkd. i watched it and thought, thats how im feeling about myself. im AWESOME! so if this post hasnt entertained you enough, maybe this fun clip will. happy friday and happy new year. mazel tov and l'chiam!


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