Sunday, October 22, 2006

frazzle dazzled ruminations

my frazzle dazzled mind has been everywhere. i cant keep a single thought for long so this post is gonna be a schmorgasborg of ruminations running through my mind this weekend. some are kinda douche-like hence the rumination title; trademark of the la douche-bagness himself, aaron karo.
  • uti, why? so yeah, woke up friday a little nauseous and well, my trips to the bathroom that day were pretty unpleasant to almost unbearable. damn uti. got otc meds to take care of the pain but it nearly scared me to death when my pee was sunkist orange. nyaaaa! (read the box and thats a normal side effect.) anyhoo, spent saturday afternoon in the er (woke up late and all the clinics were closed) getting diagnosed and a prescription. woo hoo!
  • so i have antibiotics and i have to limit my intake of the following:
    • alcohol - ok, i kinda wanted to raise my tolerance before my big party but considering i will be running around like a mad woman this week getting ready for my move, i think i can deal with not throwing back a brewskie after work.
    • spicy food - a slight bummer as my favorite condiment is hot sauce that i can pretty much put on anything; soups, sandwiches, pizza, pasta, but ill manage. ive already planned out this weeks daily food intake: salads and rice with seaweed.
    • caffeine - of all three, this may be the hardest to deal with. i work with coca cola. free caffeine is everywhere and you know how i feel about free stuff. but the smart girlie that i am, i know how to deal with this too. jamba juice. cranberry juice is great for uti's but blueberries are supposedly better. yay for blueberry jamba juice shakes. i love any reason to get me some jamba!
    now i must take these meds for 5 days and during those 5 days i must avoid sexual intercourse. that means wednesday = booty day. why do i think like such a man?
  • ok i think like a woman too bc as you can guess, my last time with the btj was not the last time with the btj. im so weak! whatEVER. i thought it over and well, nothing bad or wrong really happened between us. why did i stray from my "go with the flow" attitude? well im going back to it. it brings the truth back to the "fun is fun" mantra. im just gonna ride the waves as they come and right now, im on a good one. hangin' ten. cowabunga dudes!
  • so i helped my parents out and worked at their store for a few hours this morning. now, this store is in jamaica, queens. blocks away from where jam master jay was murdered and hometown of fifty cent (he got shot 9 times for the hip hop challenged folks). real safe area. anyhoo, things have been moving on up. they built a crazy multiplex cinema with a mini mall which includes a ballys gym (where the faj works out with his personal trainer; something i am dying to witness one of these days). so as i was about to cross the street to the store i saw a brand spanking new bank of america on the corner. i thought wow. maybe the walks to the car will be safer now since the bank is there instead of that sketchy bodega. then another thought popped up: less thugs but the thugs that would be there could be more dangerous. why? what kinda thugs hang around a bank? ones that do atm holdups. yikes, stripes, fruit striped gum. scary!
  • my move to nyc is rapidly approaching. its making my days pretty frantic but the rewards are gonna totally outweigh the stresses. not only do i get bday gifts but many peeps are also getting me house warming gifts too. i totally have the greatest people in my life. people who love me. people who know me. people who probably already know the a#1 item on my wants for the apt is a b.o.n.g. never owned one and what better time would it be to receive one as a gift than when i move into my very first apt. hint hint. wink wink. get me get me.
  • so it really hit me what little time i have left in this house. what really got to me was the bonding time i had with my brosef aka the best kid ever. rich is really at a songwriting peak and im glad hes coming out of his singing shell. wrote a kickass song this weekend and i helped! i like co-co-wrote it. ok, i contributed one word. story. i love that kid. best kid. best kid.
if theres a lack of bloggage this week its bc ill be mucho mucho busy. ikea, target, bed bath beyond. i dont know if we'll have enough time! (old school reference!) read a best of mama post if youre in dire need.

special mention (im style!):
cassie: i love brennan
jamie: me too
cassie: best hot gay!
jamie: i told him to be a pimp
cassie: stop it
cassie: ill be his ho
cassie: any day!

mike: i heard a funny line today from a friend
cassie: ooh tell
mike: i told him i got a haircut, and he did too
mike: he's like "the guy cut it too short"
mike: and then he's like "oh well, i'm jewish, we tend to get cut short"
cassie: lol
cassie: lunatic
mike: and i said "nah, we were just too big, so god had to cut us a little, but slipped and cut too much"

screennames changed for security purposes


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Mama Say, Mama Sah, Mah Mah Coo Sah - Sad that you couldn't make it on Saturday, you were missed! Can't wait til we live in the same city and we can watch Lost together! It's just around the corner! So Excited!! In the meantime, whenever you want to use my Billy Bong Thorton, you just let me know!

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