Tuesday, October 10, 2006

bday wish list '06

i know. im almost 26. i shouldnt be compiling wish lists and just accept the drinks and cheap bottles of wine people bring me on my special day. my list this year though contains things that are totally attainable. you will not see anything ridiculous like boyfriend or lipo or an nyc apt on this list. why? bc i know no one can actually give me a boyfriend for my bday (im not reese witherspoon), lipo doesnt seem so appealing to me anymore (especially seeing what it does to your skin and the other parts of your body you didnt get fat sucked out of) and well, faj got me my nyc apt =)

ive actually approached this years bday list in a pretty mature way. i will be 26 afterall. officially in the later half of my twenties. i just hope i can start off my 26th year with a lil booty ;) that would be nice. so this list is a list for the people. the people who love me. now these people have a wide range of income so ive got a cheap list and an expensive list, hence no excuses you bitches!

the cheap stuff - this is stuff that i certainly can afford but choose not to pay for bc its just f-in annoying to put down your own $5 or however much (or little) it costs. nonetheless, these are essential items for my everyday life and i would certainly like to buy these with someone elses money.
  • socks - an everyday essential. i prefer ankle length, white or black. whatEVER. i also need peds to wear with my cute flats. anyhoo, i said i like buying this stuff, just with other peoples money so gift cards would probably be best. i even have suggestions for ya!
    • h&m - dee got me really cute days of the week socks from here last year.
    • century 21 - BEST VALUE! why? bc its designer stuff for my kinda prices (real cheap!)
    • saks - only place that has the right peds for my flats.
  • underwear - like socks, i wear these everyday. like the cheap bitch that i am, it kills me to throw down $10 for a cute pair of boycut shorts and $30 for a damn bra. help a sista out!
    • victorias secret - i used to work at vickys and it just kills me to purchase anything there without the 30% discount. using a gift card though, wont make my shopping experience as painful.
    • h&m - BEST VALUE! cute intimates, better prices!
    • american apparel - if you wanna splurge a little on me and this is also the runner up to the best value title. por que? porque its my fave store and i can probably purchase other goodies too!
    • calvin klein - if you wanna splurge a little more on me. its my fave to wear underneath my clothes.
  • starbucks - mama needs her java but mamas been poor lately and been a cranky mccrankstein. help me get out of ti li nation. an extra incentive to purchase a gift card from the coffee devil: theres a starbucks in my (work) building.
    • starbucks - if you cant find a starbucks, then youre a moron. besides the one in my building, there are at least 3 other starbucks within a two block radius from my job.
    • dunkin donuts - BEST VALUE! im poor... and ridiculously cheap. i know where the bargains are. and yes, theres a dunkin donuts 2 blocks away from mi trabajo. ive done my research.
  • jamba juice - you think just 'cause theres a starbucks a few floors down, i wasnt gonna trek the whole block to jamba. if i could only choose two things to eat/drink for the rest of my life, itd be wraps and smoothies. no list of suggestive stores for this one. just jamba.
  • dvds - ok, so i did a little packing this weekend. un poco. very very poco. ok, i just put all my dvds together. i must say ive got quite a collection... but its not complete. nah, there are some crucial discs that are still missing. degrassi has got a lot of holes and well, there are a lot of other tv shows id like to have on dvd. oh, and even though it doesnt come out til mid november, jamie kennedy stu stone blowin' up. just keep that one in mind.
    • best buy - BEST VALUE! really, its the only place i buy my dvds. best selection. best prices. best buy.

the expensive stuff - the title speaks for itself. its the stuff i cant afford but would be more than delighted to obtain. some may come as a shock as ive never openly showed any interest in them and others are just openly too expensive for me to afford myself.

  • ipod - i figured since im packing up my cds, this is the best time to get one these things. i prefer the nano, in blue. the green looks cute and i even have matching headphones but the blue one is mucho purty. plus, since i wont be able to jam in my car, how else am i supposed to give my vocal chops some exercise? yeah man. ipod nano nano.
  • ibook - to go with the ipod of course. jk. ive been wanting a laptop for quite some time and i hear these are the best. a laptop is cool bc i can write whenever i want. feel more like carrie bradshaw and write about my sexcapades (or lack thereof). just like the ipod, i have a color preference for this one. black. small. thin. sleek. purty.
  • digital camera - just like the laptop, i want it small. black. thin. sleek. why dont i have any pictures? seriously, i dont have any albums or even framed pics (that will be discussed later) bc i dont have an f-in camera! just putting it on the list. im not expecting it though. ive asked for this a few times and always came up empty handed. whatEVER.
the misc list - its a schmorgasbord or stuff, hence the misc-ness of it. giddy up and give it up... to me. muchas gracias!
  • money - im poor and im gonna be even poorer (is that even a word?) once im settled in the big city. i will take donations of any amount. ill even give you a deposit slip if you wanna hand me some duckets on the dl.
  • framed pic - looking around in my cubicle, ive got a pic of jeremy piven, an anchorman bumper sticker and a small pic of the gang that adam gave me for my bday last year. basically, its pretty bare and i look like a boring bitch with no friends. prove my cube wrong. give me something to decorate it with. if you wanna go a little nuts, make a photo album for me. seriously, ive got no albums. no hard copied memories (besides the bahamas dvd, that i NEVER watch!).
  • lotto - gotta dollar? give me a dream! its a small gesture but a fun one. i dont care if a real deal mega million lotto ticket or just a scratch off card. either one is fun.
as always, i love love love surprises. i also have a rule. no early gifts. seriously, my bday is only one day and i wanna make that day as special as possible. opening my gifts on that day and that day only makes it that much more special. bc im special. dawn, special people equals retarded... and that i probably am.

special mention:
write all your bad thoughts on a post it. crumble it up and throw it out.

jamie advice on how to battle my blues.

probably advice id get from g-star


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