Sunday, March 05, 2006

silly special mention

with oscars (which are pretty boring might i add) on tv, i cant concentrate enough to write a decent post however i will give you a special mention and a funny video for this monday morning.

silly idol special mention:
me: philipinos are like fake asians. they have big eyes and the girls have boobs and asses. fake asians.
jamie: so what are they, like fasions?

talking about recently ousted contestant jose "sway" (aka go back to color me bad) penala

i saw this vid on popsugar and just had to put it on. i cant hate this girl because her career is pretty damn admirable. shes smart, beautiful and talented. all good reasons to hate but i cant. all i can do is sit back and admire. stop the jealousy... the only green thing that is bad.


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