Wednesday, February 08, 2006

grammys cure bloggers block

i. am. back. i didnt want to keep rambling on about my loneliness and trouble finding love and/or play so i waited 'til something inspired me. ill be honest with you. i never found that inspiration. nah, instead i just got a few complaints about the update-less blog. wow, my readers are persistent. loves it. anyway, i actually found myself running to my room to grab a notebook and a pen after watching the first few minutes of the grammys so i could take notes. yeah man. i was that entertained and lost hadnt even been on yet. since i dont have tivo/dvr and i havent and wont learn how to use the timer on the vcr, i already planned to watch the first hour of the grammys, then turn my full and complete attention to lost (you need to when you watch this show), and then blab on about what i had seen. i wont give a recap of lost because that itself takes up an entire post on its own, but i will reiterate the notes i had taken about the grammys. yeah man, im a cheesehead but i like to think of it as still having a little journalistic urge in me.

gorillaz - ooh ooh. animated characters on awards shows can be cheesy and corny but gorillaz are hip so their performance was real and cool. my dad kept asking if their images were real, especially after seeing the one wearing tightie whities gyrating to the intro of...

MADONNA! - she aint who she is for nothing. my mom was fascinated by her body and is now contemplating taking up yoga. i was impressed because it seemed like madge was actually singing. seriously, i was amazed. the cage dancing with the half naked men was classic madonna. the whole performance was classic madonna. her dance moves arent as quick as this generations pop darlings but theyre still sexy as hell. sexy without the skankiness. thats how madge likes to do it even though you know shes probably the dirtiest ho of all. i think my favorite part was the mini quarrel my parents had over what she was wearing. my dad said she was in a bathing suit. madre stuck up for madge saying shes covered all over except for her legs. watching awards shows with the 'rents can be pretty entertaining itself.

kc is sunshine - oh you know i cried along with miss clarkson when she won the first award of the night for best pop female vocal performance with since u been gone. and you know i kept yelling kelly clarkson when the nominees were announced. KELLY CLARKSON!!!

coldplay - funny intro. nice fro chris martin. classic coldplay performance.

john legend - ordinary people. ordinary performance. nah. i dont wanna hate but im just not into him. my fave part of the performance was the standing ovation from half of maroon 5. pretty boy adam levine just sat there. whatever. hes still hot. id still sit on his face.

sugarland - i think this was the groups name. i couldnt really hear. anyway, it was country music and i had to pee but the guy in the band was having mic problems and you know i love watching technical difficulties. anyway, the song was actually kinda catchy but right after their performance, the band walked over to the podium and started talking about merle haggard. i dont know who he is and once i heard "the nominees for best country album are..." i knew it was bathroom break time. im efficient like that.

u m-f'in 2 - hello hello. im at a place called vertigo. amazing perf and just when i was sitting in entertainment bliss, mary j pops out behind bono and the two belt out one love. u2 +mjb = passion!

8:56 - who starts to perform? yeah man, my main ho kelly clarkson. she sang because of you (sorry dee) and blew me away. i love that song. i love her whole album. she belted in all the right places and ended at just the right time. I <3 KELLY!

get lost
- ep started out slow but this show never disappoints me. at least it didnt tonight. the writers are so smart. the show is so smart. i wish i was that smart. anyway, i was kinda smart because i still turned to the grammys during the lost commercials. like im one to sit through an entire show without changing the channel. ive got work and tv a.d.d. deal with it. there was one commercial that im so glad i caught: greys anatomy, code black ep, encore presentation 2/9 at 9:30 pm. jamie - dvr this now!

bobby womacks on the radio - so some goss sites have been calling her mooriah but i think she pulled off her white dress pretty nicely. homegirl busted out we belong together and she busted out! its seriously the guilty pleasure song of '05. please, like you dont get any enjoyment out of rap/singing the verses of the song. i almost feel like ive accomplished something when i nail the faster than usual lyrics to this cheesy pop tune. damn you mariah. i even like glitter. its definitely on my best worst movie list except its the worst worst movie. i even like her bad stuff.

what the hell are you waiting fo-or - as i was writing this very post, i got to catch numb by jay z and linkin park. ooh, i even caught them winning their best collabo award during a lost commercial break. anyway, jo has turned me into an lp fan and their collab album with jay z is easy to listen to. paul mccartney poppin out and doing yesterday with them was sweet too.

so ill probably be watching or should i say rewatching greys anatomy tomorrow night. maybe ill do another recap. the ep was crazy intense. code black bitches! code freakin black!

a few grammy performance links courtesy of youtube:
gorillaz and madonna
kelly clarkson

special mention:
(about jiller) she told me youre done with your blog.
me: absolutely false. i was just tired.
jamie: tell her to stop telling rumors.


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