Monday, January 30, 2006

party party pictures pictures

instead of reading my psycho babble, treat your eyes to some photo summaries of januarys hottest bday parties: jamies and adams.

jamies night began with dinner at haru

then it was to the black sheep to party!

adam, jamie and the aim partied at the back of the bar

lauren, jackie and i lookin' pretty in the front

adam is too sexy

im too hungry

a week earlier was adams a month after his bday party. it was the second annual party and i have a feeling it wont be the last. theyre too much fun.

having a drink with the belated bday boy and soon to be bday girl

pretty girls and pretty boys

theres always dancing at go-go

at the end of the night, its all about good friends and good times

amy, adam, me and jamie

special mention:
we wanna get a worst person award and send it to him.
we should scratch the "rson" and add "nis" instead. worst penis award.


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